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BNSF's Seligman Subdivision Page: Flagstaff Segment: Winslow, AZ to Bellemont, AZ

BNSF's Seligman Subdivision

Flagstaff Segment: Winslow, AZ to Bellemont, AZ

Updated 10/11/2005 Current Picture Count = 35

        This segment of the Seligman Sub is  is great. The beauty of the high desert and the Ponderosa trees is breathtaking. Moving up and over the backbone of the Arizona Divide, this portion of the sub is also at a higher elevation, roughly between 6000 and 7300'. This translates into wonderful seasonal changes not seen as dramatically elsewhere on this sub. It may be hotter than you know where in the summer down in Kingman, but in Flagstaff you'll find mild temperatures and cool breezes. Winter will bring a wonderful location for snow and a trip here during the winter will likely net some spectacular pictures.  Trains are of course plentiful and the access is decent to most of the locations and sites. Amenities are plentiful in Flagstaff and Winslow. So scroll down and enjoy the show!

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Maps and Railfan Info

Seligman Sub Main Page

Seligman Sub Map and Railfan Info

Flagstaff (Winslow, AZ to Bellemont, AZ)

Flagstaff Segment

Crookton Cutoff (Maine, AZ to Yampai, AZ)

Crookton Cutoff Segment

Kingman (Nelson, AZ to Needles, CA)

Kingman Segment

From East to West




Canyon Diablo...





Bnsf 4370  Darling, AZBnsf 4951  Darling, AZSF 3187  Darling, AZ*****


Bnsf 4661  Cosnino, AZBNSF  5243  Cosnino, AZBnsf 4951  Cosnino, AZ***




BNSF 5286  Flagstaff, AZBNSF 5243  Flagstaff, AZ*****

Riordan...(not an official station)

SF 689  Riordan, AZ



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