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Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Seligman Sub: Winslow, AZ to Needles, CA

BNSF's Seligman Subdivision
Winslow, AZ to Needles, CA
Updated:   10/11/2005



        Of all the subdivisions along the BNSF Transcon, nothing embodies the heart and soul of this transcontinental thoroughfare quite like the Seligman Subdivision. As a vital link between LA and Chicago, this sub will entice the senses like no other. Rugged mountain railroading with a flare of the desert southwest, and all those trains! This sums up what you'll find on along the nearly 300 miles of double track mainline between Winslow, AZ and Needles, CA. BNSF's Seligman Sub contains some of the hottest railroading anywhere in the world, (in the summer this is literal too.). With upwards of 70 trains a day there is never a lack of action.


        From high desert plateaus to rugged mountain passes, this sub offers a wide variety of mainline railroading, in almost every scene imaginable. Winter snow and scorching summer heat is the norm with altitudes ranging between 456' to 7322' above seal level.  While traversing almost the entire state of Arizona it passes through some of the best scenery the southwest has to offer, making this sub a railfan's dream!


        Inside the pages of this website you'll find an in depth exploration of the Seligman sub, complete with maps, directions, and other helpful tidbits to help you find your way. Legal stuff: All Images Copyright, Use for profit by permission only.

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Seligman Sub Main Page


Seligman Sub Map and Railfan Info


Flagstaff (Winslow, AZ to Bellemont, AZ)


Flagstaff Segment


Crookton Cutoff (Maine, AZ to Yampai, AZ)


Crookton Cutoff Segment


Kingman (Nelson, AZ to Needles, CA)


Kingman Segment


Seligman Sub Superlatives

East end: East Winslow, AZ - MP 284.5;  West end: Needles, CA - MP 578.0; Total miles: 293.5  Double track main, Main 1 is the north track.
Max track speeds vary from 90 mph for Amtrak to 70 mph for freight.
Major stations: Needles, Kingman, Seligman, Flagstaff, Winslow.
Crew Change Points:  Needles, Winslow
Yards: Needles, Winslow

Junctions @ West Williams, Phoenix Sub (BNSF) MP 375.0
Highest point: 7,322 ft @ Arizona Divide.  Lowest Point:  456 ft @ Topock, AZ.
Radio Frequencies: AAR 55, 160.935, DS-10, Winslow to Seligman; AAR 36 160.650 DS-11  Seligman to Topock;  AAR 55  160.935 Topock to Needles.
PBX: AAR 09, 160.245 / Peach Springs; AAR 10, 160.260 / Williams; AAR 15, 160.335 / Kingman (also Flagstaff)
Amtrak Stops:  Needles, Kingman, Williams Jct., Flagstaff, and Winslow


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