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Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision: Clover Creek Section: Eccles, NV to Uvada, UT  

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision
Clover Creek Section: Eccles, NV to Uvada, UT
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Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV to Moapa, NV)
Meadow Valley Wash (Farrier, NV to Caliente, NV)
Milford (Modena, UT to Milford, UT)

        This is the one section of track that I have visited the least along  the Caliente Sub. In fact I have only been to the areas around Eccles and Crestline and didn't go much farther. This summer I'm going to spend some tie along the track here and at the very least get some info for the locations along the route here. Hpefully the trains will cooperate ans I'll get a few pictures as well. Stop back by in the late summer to see what I have come up with.

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Eccles...none so far

Richmond...none so far

Little Springs...none so far

Islen...none so far

Acoma...none so far

Brown...none so far

Crestline...none so far

Uvada...none so far

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