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Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision: Meadow Valley Wash Segment: Farrier, NV to Caliente, NV  

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision
Meadow Valley Wash Segment: Caliente, NV  to Farrier, NV
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        The Meadow Valley Wash (MVW), located at the heart of Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision, is a spectacular sight. The mix of harsh desert terrain to the south, and the rainbow of colors found in the sandstone cliffs of the north, combine to create one of the most awe inspiring sights I have found in the Southwest.  This 80 mile stretch of track winds through canyons, meadows, broad valleys, and stark desert. There are several tunnels, numerous bridges, and many sidings where frequent meets occur. Trains are long, colorful, and plentiful. The line enjoys approximately 20 - 25 trains per day, with most being in the daylight hours. Follow this link to the Maps Page for this area.
        This page will attempt to highlight the area between Moapa and Caliente, NV.  The north area will be defined as track north ( RR EAST ) of MP 418.0, the west switch of the siding at Carp, NV, and the area to the south ( RR WEST ), is well, obviously south of that point.  The area around Carp provides a natural geological break, since there is a significant change in the terrain and style of the wash. North has the color and south has the desert.

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Caliente Sub Main Page


Milford Segment (Milford, UT to Modena, UT)


Clover Creek Segment (Uvada, UT to Eccles, NV) NA

Meadow Valley Wash Segment (Caliente, NV to Farrier, NV)


Las Vegas Segment (Moapa, NV to Las Vegas, NV)

LV North

From East to West


UP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 Centennial


UP 4127  Etna, NVUP 6936 Centennial


UP 4127  Stine, NVUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 CentennialUP 9054  Stine, NV*


UP 6234  Boyd, NVUP 4293  Boyd, NVUP 6108  Boyd, NVUP 4127  Boyd, NVUP 4374  Boyd, NVUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 Centennial


UP 4070  Elgin, NVUP 4070  Elgin, NVUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 Centennial


UP 4070  Kyle, NVUP 6936 CentennialUP 6936 Centennial UP 6479  Kyle, NV*

Leith-None So Far


UP 4138  Carp, NV


UP 6860  Vigo, NV


UP 3062  Galt, NVUP 4075  Galt, NVUP 4107  Galt, NVUP 6936 Centennial


UP 7560  Hoya, NVUP 4570  Hoya, NV


UP 4075  Rox, NVUP 6218  Rox, NVUP 4007  Rox, NVUP 4007  Rox, NVUP 4100  Rox, NVUP 4093  Rox, NVUP 7538  Rox, NV


UP 7547  Farrier, NVUP 4061  Farrier, NV


West Caliente Sub East

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