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... a Social Club for the promotion of model railroading - especially S gauge including American Flyer, high rail, scale and other facets  ...BSG Charter  

Welcome to Badgerland S-Gaugers

Interested in starting a layout with the kids but are afraid it will take up too much space and be out by the trash next year? 
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to find out how S gauge won't break your budget or necessarily take over the basement.

Each year Badgerland hosts or attends train shows through out southern Wisconsin. Many events have working layouts for children of all ages.  Click here for details....


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Why choose S-Gauge when HO is more popular Scale? Click here and find out why we were hooked! Members S-Gauge High Rail layouts Featuring American Flyer and others supporting a .110" wheel flange. Members S-Scale layouts of fine craftsmanship. Includes Sn3. For the rivet counters at heart even though they may not actually count them. BSG Module Program supports both High rail and scale using code 148 rail on the larger of two layouts. Tinplate Flyer rail is on the classic layout. Both are typically displayed at main area train shows
Operating Interactive Accessories for S-Gauge. Includes pictures and videos of remote controlled loaders, cranes, buildings, and action cars! Find out who we are, what we do, and how we help the community while we enjoy our hobby! Midwest Multi State events that display modular layouts from multiple clubs in the region, displays many parts, accessories, locomotives, cars, buildings, and materials. Generally includes a BSG modular layout and a BSG sale table. Schedule and table information. Sell or find your parts and missing items here for mostly s-gauge items. Does include some items from other scales as well.
Click here to find out how to join, what the cost is, how your money is spent, and getting your money's worth! Hints and tips about reconditioning your collectibles, restoring your antique trains, as well as building benchwork, wiring, and scenery Membership Information on upcoming meetings and events. Includes archives of past meetings and social gatherings. Favorite links we have found for s-gauge layouts, parts and information relative to building and maintaining our empires

We have some members that collect, run, repair, restore, upgrade, and generally display their American Flyer collections. We have other members that enjoy S-Scale (1/64) modeling with unbelievable realism in S, Sn3, and Sn2. Whether you are visiting from the Midwest or from any another area, enjoy our web by clicking on buttons above. Consider becoming a member if you are interested in a rapidly growing scale of model railroading that takes slightly more space than HO, much less than O or 027 and has much to offer regarding interaction. 

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