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OWNER: Ray Puls
LAYOUT TYPE: Single Level with Single main walk around consisting of two loops. The outer loop is a modified oval with about 70 to 80 feet of track. The inner loop is a dogbone laid over itself with about 130 to 149 ft of track.

RAIL CODE: Code 215 American Flyer rail on all mains and sidings and using AF rubber roadbed
POWERED BY: AC mains with TMCC controls using one 22090, and one 22035 American Flyer transformers. The mains also include blocks powered through Lionel Powermasters to allow the operation of conventional locomotives with the TMCC wireless remote.

I have been interested in model railroading and trains as far back as I can recall. We received an American Flyer train for Christmas in 1952 and my brother and I played with it for endless hours. I saw the end of Gilbert in the sixties and when my interest in trains was reawakened I moved to HO because I thought S gauge was dead. It was a visit to a hobby shop on the north side of Milwaukee in the early 90s where I found some used American Flyer equipment that my interest in S was reignited; I bought everything in Flyer S that was in the store. Shortly after that I discovered the Badgerland S gauge swap meet and John Heck and his array of American Flyer trains. The accumulation of Flyer has also been augmented the addition of some S Helper and American Models rolling stock along with K-Line and the Lionel Flyer. It has been great to be involved with the people who love S gauge and the hobby of trains whether its collecting or operating or just playing with these wonderful toys.

 In the basement of this country home is a layout that Ray calls his It's My Rail Road division. The layout is intended to allow for operation as well as being a layout on which you can just run trains for fun. The layout will have groupings of buildings representing towns or villages with names as yet to be determined; and these will also define the names of the blocks.  A number of the sidings will have operating accessories, some original Gilbert and some made by Lionel and MTH.

The IMRR, N. P. Division table is approximately 8 feet wide by 35 feet long with consideration to a reasonable walk around space. The bench work is built using framing lumber with buss wires running around the table under each set of rails. All buss wiring is minimum 14 ga to provide sufficient power for the trains.  There are accessory wires under the table as well powered by their own 30B transformer which allows the speed of the accessories to be throttled. The layout can run multiple trains at the same time each having their own remote throttles. The buttons for the turnouts and accessories surround the outside within easy reach of the operators.

This is my third layout, my first was an HO scale layout and was torn down when we moved to our present home, the second layout was built using modules that were also used on our club layout. This being my third is built as a modular layout so if we were to move it will not have to be destroyed but rather revamped to fit the new location.

With the TMCC that was recently added, Ray enjoys the operation very much. As each of the locos is converted it adds more excitement to his operation.  

Rays Operating Session in 2016 on You-Tube :  

Courtesy of Fred Vergenz

Layout Construction over the years on You-Tube:

Courtesy of Fred Vergenz


Pictures of layout under construction:

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Pict0016.jpg (78991 bytes) Pict0017.jpg (80584 bytes) Pict0018.jpg (72886 bytes) You Tube Video of Running Trains at Ray's

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