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Denver and Rio Grande Western in S-scale
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in Sn3


OWNER: Chic Hartert
LAYOUT TYPE: Scale Narrow Gauge around the wall

The original Rio Grande railroad system embraced a 1670-mile network of narrow-gauge trackage in 1888. Today only 45 miles of narrow gauge remain from the original line is now called the Silverton Branch or Silverton Line. The dual gauge track-work comprised of three rails to handle both gauges is now gone and standard rail has taken its place where the railroad is still active.

Chic has successfully portrayed the D&RGW narrow gauge system and scenery including the operations of the Galloping Goose rail bus as well as Shay locomotives that the prototype RGW had inherited from the Copper Belt lines when the D&RGW consolidated with the RGW in 1921.

Photos by C&P Porter

chic1.jpg (181268 bytes)

Nicholas Creek & Trestle, with Samantha Mine in background to the right

chic4.jpg (192276 bytes)

Stock at Mae-Mei Jct

chic3.jpg (184100 bytes)

Looking North at the Rohde Ranch & Ryan Jct to the left. 492


chic2.jpg (155573 bytes)

Looking North at Alexander Mt & Tunnel - Bridges over Alexander River

chic5.jpg (207906 bytes)

Looking South at Brooke Tunnel from Alexander Mt.

chic6.jpg (202488 bytes)

Looking North at Rohde Ranch top right Ryan Jct. at water tank - Engine #492 coming from Rondale

chic7.jpg (188447 bytes)

Train heading for Mae-Mei Jct. 
Engine #492

chic8.jpg (190921 bytes)

Nicholas Creek Depot

chic9.jpg (159283 bytes)

Chickadee Lumber Company

chic10.jpg (163522 bytes)

Jolene Trestle

chic11.jpg (216143 bytes)

Samantha Gold Mine

chic12.jpg (87463 bytes)

The barn at Rohde Ranch

chic13.jpg (115383 bytes)

Bridges over Alexander River

chic14.jpg (112904 bytes)

Luke Stamp Mill near Rondale

chic15.jpg (196680 bytes)

Nicholas Creek & Roberta Trestle with Samantha Gold Mine to the upper right with engine #42

chic16.jpg (247085 bytes)

Andrew Silver Mine at Mt Helen

chic17.jpg (105264 bytes)

Buildings at Nicholas Creek

chic21.jpg (106041 bytes)

Ryan Jct water tank

chic22.jpg (102456 bytes)

Cattle at Mae-Mei Jct.

chic23.jpg (110532 bytes)

Brooke Tunnel Portal

chic24.jpg (115916 bytes)

Ryan Jct. water tank

chic25.jpg (121623 bytes)

Nicholas Creek Depot

chic26.jpg (88895 bytes)

Shay #9 picking up a load of lumber at Chickadee Lumber Co.

chic27.jpg (75875 bytes)

Rotary Snow Plow near barn at Chickadee Lumber Co.

chic28.jpg (96224 bytes)

Sawdust Burner at Chickadee Lumber Co.

chic29.jpg (86169 bytes)

Galloping Goose #7 running over the Jolene Trestle

chic30.jpg (117882 bytes)

Oil pump with Jolene Trestle in background

chic31.jpg (115078 bytes)

Samantha Gold Mine at Nicholas Creek

chic32.jpg (105710 bytes)

Desiree' feeding the chickens at Rohde Ranch by the barn

chic33.jpg (119696 bytes)

Combine coach over Alexander River bridge

chic34.jpg (133716 bytes)

Luke Stamp Mill near Rondale

chic35.jpg (143299 bytes)

Engine #42 over Nicholas Creek and Roberta Trestle

chic36.jpg (98670 bytes)

Looking North at Samantha Gold Mine

chic37.jpg (151788 bytes)

Andrews Silver Mine

chic38.jpg (152353 bytes)

Andrews Silver Mine shaft house

chic18.jpg (108539 bytes)

Roberta Trestle crossing Nicholas Creek


chic19.jpg (118251 bytes)

Alexander River bridges looking at Alexander Mt. Tunnel

chic20.jpg (106693 bytes)

Engine #492


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