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OWNER: Steve Lunde
LAYOUT TYPE: Round the Wall with 2 track main plus yard. Layout resembles a "G" shape
RAIL CODE: Code 148 American Models track with hand built turnouts
POWERED BY: AC or DCC on outside main, DCC on inside main. DCC is NCE PROCAB 

Steve's layout started as dreams in his youth. As most current S-Scalers, he began with an American Flyer set shared with his siblings. Later he began a new adventure in model railroading using HO when he began sharing his dreams with his family. It may have been short lived when the old "Flyer" set was found in his brother's garage. The memories returned as well as the spirit of S-gauge. His layout evolved into the illustrations below and now is going through a transformation into a better pike with more options and scenery. Steve considers himself a "Tweener". The definition of a "Tweener" is one that loves the scale attributes of modeling S-Gauge but just can not let go of running the deep flange American Flyer stock as well as some of the engines and rolling stock picked up prior to the transition.

Steve's layout takes place at the foot hills of a mountain range somewhere in the American West possibly between Denver and Galveston allowing service from both railroad lines. His freight and passengers are delivered to the city via Great Western and Santa Fe Railroads. Businesses are serviced in town as well as a coal mine in the foot hills. Running the Great Northern allows traffic from the Burlington, CB&Q and many others and the herald and war paint from the Santa Fe is unforgettable. 

Original topography construction on the bench-work started as wire backing covered with cardboard and plaster. The use of pink and blue foam board has been taking it's place as the changes are being made. It appears to be easier to work with. Cutting and shaping is becoming a breeze and mountains are being made a lot faster than the prototypes were.

Photos by Don Goeke and Doug Stoll

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