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California Southern Lines / Norwalk & Western Railway

"Serves You Right!"

Roster Information:
Below are three downloadable files showing the rosters for both the California Southern and Norwalk & Western RRs. Thanks to Charles for putting together the complete rosters!

Roster Shots:
Here are some roster shots of the evergrowing CSL motive power fleet. All models below have been custom painted & decaled by club members Chet Barkoski and Tom Kennish.

CSL 569 - Alco S4

CSL 1364 - MP15DC

CSL 1370 - MP15DC

CSL 2410 - GP35

CSL 2425 - GP35

CSL 2444 - GP35

CSL 2690 - MP15DC

CSL 2696 - MP15DC

CSL 4000 - SD9

CSL 4216 - SD38-2

CSL 4534 - SD35

CSL 5359 - SD45

CSL 5366 - SD45

CSL 5906 - SD75M

CSL 5906 - SD75M

CSL 8069 - RS3

CSL 9494 - "SD40" SLUG

Mainline Action:
Here you can view some of CSL and NWRN's trains from our layout. CSL has a wide variety of old and modern diesels in it's roster. It is possible to see some very odd power combinations at times.

CSL Local ariving at Hadley.

Switching cars behind the industries at Hadley.

Three CSL SD9s leading a train around Winchester Curve.

A CSL SD75M in lease service.

CSL 437 leads this eastbound freight up the grade at Bryn Mawr Jcn.

Here is another view of our freight at the grade crossing.

The three units are passing by 9th Street.

437 and it's GP9 sisters stop at the Spadra Station to pick up orders & chat with the station agent.

One more view of the lead unit sitting on the #1 main.

9 St. Runaway
At 3:05P.M.PDT,October 22, 2006, a coupler failure on UP 5009 east on the Bryn-Mawr cutoff of the California Southern Rwy resulted in a 19 car runaway. 10 cars from the runaway and 2 parked boxcars derailed along with the annihilation of a 40' semi-trailer torn from its tractor. There were no reported injuries. A 200t Brownhoist crane borrowed from Montana Rail Link was dispatched from Norwalk and had the main lines clear by early evening.
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