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Thursday Night Steam

Most of California Southern's club members model post-war & modern day diesel operations. This can make for some strange & unprototypical meets if there is an older steam powered train on the mainline, unless it's one of the very few left today. This lead to the unofficial creation of Thursday Night Steam, a night dedicated to the power & beauty of railroading from yesteryear, back when steam was king!

This is the place to be if you are looking for spinning side rods and 40 ft. reefer trains from our layout. Many of the models displayed on this page are High Quality Brass from Overland, Sunset, Key Imports, and West Side Models with outstanding detail & performance. All models are property of George Anderson, Bob Sims, or Ron Fischer. Enjoy!
Union Pacific 9000 a huge 4-12-2
is seen in the Staging Yard.
Here we see a Proto 2000 2-8-8-2 exiting the tunnel near
Bryn Mawr Jcn.
Here's a UP 2-8-2 Mikado approaching Norwalk in this view.

UP 2253 with it's short reefer block at Bryn Mawr Jcn.

Rio Grande L96 2-8-8-2 around Winchester Curve. - Key Imports

Rio Grande 3401 passing 9th St.

Great Northern 1974 2-6-8-0 M2.
A massive Southern Pacific U50 at Norwalk Station.

Here is SP 8502 passing the furniture factory at Esperanza.

D&RGW Challenger exiting one of the tunnels at Esperanza
D&RGW 3704 again over the steel bridge.
Union Pacific ""Bald-Face" 4-12-2 # 9013 with cows at Winchester
Santa Fe 4197 near Wingfoot. Very unique 2-8-4 built by Lima in 1928.
U.P. Baby Challenger # 3834 at the furniture factory. Samhanska, Sam Built it!
UP Coal Turbine exiting the tunnel at Bryn Mawr Jcn.
D&RGW 4-8-4 Northern #1706 past 9th St. - Key Imports
UP 3834 at Spadra Station.
Two Union Pacific beasts pass at 9th St., Coal Turbine #80 & Baby Challenger # 3834.
AT&SF 4197 at the curve. One of a kind paint job by Santa Fe.
UP "Bull Moose" 3515 near Spadra. Prize winner at the UP Historical Society in 1998.
D&RGW 3704 at Bryn Mawr Jcn.
UP "Bald-Face" 4-12-2 #9013 exiting the tunnel at Bryn Mawr.
U.P. Baby Challenger #3834 going over the trestle at Esperanza.
Santa Fe & Rio Grande passing between 9th St. and Spadra.
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