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The Cambria and Indiana Railroad


the cambria & indiana railroad company

I used a Railroad Roman font on some of these pages, including where it says "The Cambria and Indiana Railroad Company" above. If you would like to have this font, search for "railroad roman" in your favorite search engine. The font can be found in several places on the web.

      Welcome! This site is dedicated to preserving the history and memory of the Cambria and Indiana Railroad, a short line known primarily for hauling coal which operated in western Cambria and eastern Indiana counties in Pennsylvania.

      The C&I had its humble beginnings as a lumber railroad heading north out of the tiny village of Rexis, PA, in southeastern Indiana County. In 1904, owner Vinton Lumber Company had the line incorporated as a common carrier, operating under the name Blacklick and Yellow Creek Railroad. A few years later, the line was purchased by Coleman and Weaver, who held mineral rights and coal interests in the area. In 1911, its name was changed to the Cambria and Indiana Railroad, reflecting the names of the counties it would serve.


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C&I History



Scans of timetables and other printed materials

Some stories of those who worked on the line

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Sorry there had been nothing added to this site for a long while – got a virus and lost everything related to this site that was on my hard drive. I'm finally getting around to setting it back up on my computer.

3/15/14 - Here's a link to C&I stuff available on eBay:

A lot of model RR stuff, mostly HO and N scale, as well as photos, slides, and other ephemera.

Two pages added on 2/10/10:

A hopper comes home to Rexis - an old C&I hopper sat along a siding of the Knox & Kane RR for years. When the K&K's stuff was auctioned off, the hopper was bought and returned to Rexis where it would be repainted and eventually re-lettered. Denise Weber kindly sent some pictures, which are found on the page. 2/20/10 - Added some more photos courtesy of Keith Burkey. Updated again on 8/13/11 with some pix I shot of the car with its new lettering.

Some C&I odds and ends - a collection of things found on the web that I don't think I've used in any other pages on this site. Please forgive any duplications. :) Also includes a few non-C&I transportation-related things.


New stuff on the maps, timetables, and stories pages sent to me by Jack Hill.


New pic on that odds & ends page.


A few photos added to the "photos" page.


Edited the History page, near the bottom. Check out the Ghost Town Trail hyperlink.

New page 1/11/11:

Some more photos from Jack Hill - click here.


Added photos to the Rexis hopper and odds & ends pages.


Click the above herald to hear a Hancock Air Whistle, which the C&I used on its diesel locomotives. 


I donated my HO scale model railroad of the C&I (because I had to move) to the Alto Model Train Museum Association. Most of it, plus other layouts in various scales, are on display in the Antique Depot in Duncansville, PA. (There are a few pictures of the original layout in my basement here.) I did keep a lot of my locos and rolling stock in case I decide to build another one someday...


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