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Boxcars are the one of the most common types of car you see on the Chessie System.  Lots and lots of them are out there in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Boxcars come with one or two doors on each side.  They come smooth sided, waffle sided, and externally braced.  Chessie had all types.  The typical Chessie boxcar was all dark blue with yellow lettering.  If you see what looks like a boxcar but it has yellow sides, then you are looking at an insulated boxcar.

Predecessor paint schemes were all oxide red with white letters.  There were a very small set of "cameo" boxcars on the C&O that were elaborate blue and yellow schemes.  Both predecessor and cameo schemes lasted through the entire Chessie Era. 

Many boxcars did not get repainted into Chessie blue.  Almost all 40 foot (the smallest size) boxcars were considered too old to get repainted.  The larger 50 and 60 foot boxcars did get repainted into Chessie blue.  Boxcars even came in the 86 foot range, those cars were used to deliver very large and light loads, like auto parts.  Unique amongst Chessie boxcars are the C&O purchased Railbox boxcars.  Purchased in 1983, secondhand from Railbox, the C&O did not repaint them.  They just blocked out the RBOX letters and applied there own.  If you see a green Chessie boxcar, that is a maintenance of way boxcar.  Check on the prototype picture page or the mofw page for those.

Click on the links below to see the model boxcars.

Accurail Boxcars                (4 pictures)    B-29, B-42, B-132
Athearn Boxcars                 (14 pictures)   B-?, B-6, B-19, B-34, B-40, B-62, B-93, B-113, B-117, B-119, B-124, FGEX
Atlas Boxcar                    (4 pictures)    B-98, B-121, B-127
Bachmann Boxcars                (2 pictures)    B-53
Bev-Bel (Athearn) Boxcars       (1 picture)     B-48A
Bev-Bel (Robin Rails) Boxcars   (5 pictures)    B-14, B-35, B-44
Details West Boxcar             (1 picture)     B-9
E&C Boxcar                      (1 picture)     B-48
Front Range Boxcars             (1 picture)     B-40
McKean Boxcar                   (1 picture)     B-43
Roundhouse Boxcars              (1 picture)     B-?
Spring Mills Depot Boxcar       (1 picture)     B-105
Walthers Boxcars                (12 pictures)   B-24, B-60, B-66, B-74, B-108, FGEX