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Spectrum GP30 Review Bachmann Spectrum GP30...
Bachmann had a huge reputation for producing low quality crap.  To solve this image problem they have released the Spectrum line.  This high-end line produces some very nice kits.  The GP30 is one of them.  I got mine on eBay for around $25-30.  It is a good buy.  Cheaper than a Proto 2000 and Atlas, but a little more than an Athearn.  Quality wise it is comparable to a Proto 2000.  I would recommend this kit.  It is a good purchase, and you get good quality for the price.

This kit comes with individual grab irons, uncoupling levers, etc. already attached.  There were only two pieces to glue on the shell.  Basically you are ready to paint it once it comes out of the box.  It is almost 100% accurate right out of the box for the C&O units #3002-3047.  My only complaint is it comes with the old horn and hook couplers.  I need to find long Kaydee type to replace the ones that come in the kit.

I do not know if Bachmann offers this kit in any B&O, C&O, or Chessie schemes.  I got mine as an undecorated kit and made it a C&O GP30.  The car body is a phase II car body, accurate for C&O units #3002-3047.  C&O #3000-3001 and all B&O GP30's are phase I car bodies.  Proto 2000 is the only one making the phase I car body.

Below is a real pic of a C&O GP30.

George Elwood photo

Below are some pics of my Spectum GP30.  To see a complete "how to" article check out my Spectrum GP30 tips page.  For even more on GP30's look on my 3002c&o or 3022cs-c&o pages.