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Alameda Corridor wigwags  
Southern California
Wigwags from the past...
Alameda and 55th
Alameda and Tweedy

Updated 1/2000

Alameda Corridor
Paul Krot gives us a little background on this line:
The Alameda Corridor stretches from Redondo Jct. to Dolores Yard in Southern California.  It's namesake street, Alameda, directly parallels the line.  It is and was a major industrial lead for the Southern Pacific.  Through freight are routed on it on a regular basis when the ex-Pacific Electric line, which is considered the mainline is clogged with trains.  The PE line closely parallels the Alameda Corridor about a mile to the west.  As of just a few weeks ago, UP has finished installing CTC on the PE side to alleviate congestion.  Currently the Alameda Corridor is undergoing a 1.8 billion dollar improvement.  The rail are in the process of being separated from grade by lowering them in a trench for most of the route.  When complete, this will become the mainline for most of UP and BNSF trains into the Ports of 
Los Angeles/Long Beach.  An industrial lead will remain in place to serve local customers.  Major work has been completed at the north and south ends of this project and work is beginning in the mid section.

For more on the project, go to the "links" page.

Alameda and 55th
(removed early 2000)

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This upper quadrant unit that has been heavily modified. You'll notice the rectangular counterweight,
and on closer inspection, the banner pole is too short, evidence that is came from a lower quadrant signal.
At this intersection, it looks like the traffic lights really provide the protection for this crossing,
with the wigwag as an added attraction!

Update 3/00
This wigwag has finally been removed. The Alameda Corridor project has made it's
way to this spot, taking out the wigwag and the right-of-way. Exact date of removal unknown,
but probably during the first 2 months of  2000.

Photos by Paul Krot

Alameda and Tweedy
(Removed 8/99)

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The new construction has quickly taken it's toll on what's left of the wigwags
in the Corridor. This upper quadrant wigwag was removed in August of '99.
This was a double set of upper quadrant wigwags with replacement type counterweights.
The photo to the right shows the opposite signal as it was being dismantled.

Photos by Paul Krot

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