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So. Cal wigwags from the past 2  
Southern Ca. 
Wigwags from the past (2)
Gardena (Rosewood)


Mission Inn Road
This wigwag had it's motor box and banner removed.
Nathan Gonzales confirmed this on 9/18/00.

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This one was located on Mission Inn Road. 
Notice the abandoned ATSF
depot in the background.
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Another view. For some reason the motor
box was moved back on the cantilever
about 1 foot. I'm guessing there is a lot
of truck traffic through here, and there was
a problem with clearance.

Riverside, Ca is located about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Karl Wichmann
sent in these three photos of the two wigwags located there. He says that this is a former
SP spur that once served the old Sunkist packaging plant and several other wearhouses nearby.
The line is now out of service, only the wigwag on Third St remains.

Another view of this wigwag from Evan Werkema can be seen here.

Gardena (Rosewood)

This double set stood at Athens Ave. and 124th St. I'm guessing
that this is an old PE branch line, now part of UP. It's probably closer
to Compton than Gardena. They were finally removed around

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Above 3 photos by Paul Khoury (7/00)

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