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So. Cal wigwags from the past 4  
Southern Ca. 
Wigwags from the past (4)
Santa Monica

Santa Monica

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Photo by Jeff Stine (6/80)

This upper quadrant wigwag once served the old SP line through Santa Monica, CA.
This was located on Overland Ave near the Mormon Temple.
It was removed (along with the spur) during the early 80's.

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Photo by Steve Crise (1991)

Steve tells us a bit about this wigwag...

"Found this wig wag shot I did in 1991 on the same branch line as the Santa Monica wig wag shot you have on your site (top of page). The line had been abandoned at the time of this photo and had not seen rail traffic since 1989. I got all excited and thought that the SP got a new customer on the branch and  was going to have the service restored. I knew the signal maintainer for this branch and asked him why they got it all spruced up just to sit there and do nothing. His answer was "spend the money or lose the funding, besides this is goin in my collection"! And 3 days later it was gone! This was in such mint condition I drug out my 4x5 to get an extra crisp shot. This was always a hard signal to maintain due to the fact that it was right across the street from Dorsey High School. A school not famous for there scholastic achievements."

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 Santa Monica

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