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So. Cal wigwags from the past  
Southern Ca. 
Wigwags from the past
Seacliff 2
West Corona

Seacliff (1)
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Both photos by Paul Krot (6/99)
This wigwag once stood on the west end of the Seacliff siding protecting a private road there. Sadly, it was stolen on February 6th, 2000. Admittedly, it didn't have much time left as UP is setting up CTC along that part of the Coast Line. More info on the letters page.
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Steve Crise sends in a couple pictures from his collection
that he took in 1997 (above 2 b/w's).

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Another view by Jeff Stine. Picture taken April 1997.
And today...
Same mast, but the wigwag is gone.
Photo by David Atkins. 2/2000

Seacliff (2)
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These pictures were sent in May 2000 by Nathan Gonzales. He writes:

"Here's a couple of pictures I thought you might like.  I took them in about
1988 (I think) along the SP mainline near seacliff.  It was at a point where
to the west of the tracks was the road that runs along the ocean and then
the water, and to the east was 101, a light industry, and then the coastal
mountains.  This wig wag protected the small road which went under the
freeway to the industry on the other side.  I don't remember if it was oil
or not.  I drove by sometime around 1996 or so, only to notice that it had
been replaced by flashers.  The sea air certainly did no favors to that banner!"

Photos and text by Nathan Gonzales (5/2000)

West Corona
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West Corona, 1991 (Dave White photos)

Dave White provides us with the following information:

The one on the left was taken in late October of 1990, just a couple of weeks before a tragic accident occurred there.  A westbound Santa Fe freight rolled through the red signal at the west end of the siding and went back out on the main line just as an eastbound was passing.  The locomotives of both trains exploded into flames over 100 feet high and three crew members were killed.  I remember seeing the video of the aftermath on the news, and even though they were scorched and blackened, both wigwags were shown still stubbornly swinging away in the midst of all the carnage.

The picture on the right was taken in March of 1991 and the wigwags only had a few more weeks of service left.  The whole San Bernardino Subdivision was being upgraded and double-tracked in anticipation of Metrolink and increased freight traffic.Construction was going hot and heavy here and the train seen in this shot is passing the work crew at restricted speed.  The next time I was by there, sometime in April of '91, the 'wags were gone and replaced by cantilevered flashers and gates.  Where they wound up or who got them is anyone's guess---maybe you know?

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This wigwags was located on Cole Rd. in Calexico. It was converted to
a highway flasher in Oct. 2000. They retained the MSCo base and
mast and created a very unique new signal.

Photo and info by Larry Granfield. 10/15/99

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