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POTB Wigwags (Oregon)
Oregon Wigwags
Port of  Tillamook Bay


Both Banks wigwags have been retired as of 2010.The Banks Road wigwag was knocked over in 2003.
In 2010, a long anticipated project to convert the adjacent
ROW to a trail was completed. Sellers Road was re-aligned
To meet with Banks Rd before the crossing, eliminating one crossing
(and the wigwag). Fortunately, the wigwag is now reserved and restored at
the new trail entrance and may become operational by push-button.

Iím keeping the old page up, and have a new page for the remaining Banks wigwag display.

Banks is located west of Portland (See map at bottom of page). The two wigwags are located on Sellers Road and Banks Road. The rail line on the left is the Port of Tillamook Bay (former SP).
Sellers Road...

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Thanks to CamronSettlemier we now have pictures of the two wigwags in Banks and the one in Timber. This view shows the wigwag on Sellers Road
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Close up views of the Sellers Rd. wigwag. Not the chopped cantilever and beat up banner.
The bell appears to be a replacement. The X stripe on the banners seems
to be unique to the wigwags on this branch line.

Banks Road...

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Views of Banks Road wigwag. Notice that both are on Magnetic Signal cases and
show their SP heritage with rubber hose "flex pipe" modifications on the banner pipes.

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Another view of Banks Roadwigwag
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This view shows both wigwags, with
Banks Road in the forground.
For a map of Banks, Click here.

In 2000, this wigwag had its banner replaced. The POTB Signal Dept.
scratch-builta replacement banner...check it out here.

Latest look at Google street view (11/2010) shows
New foundations for replacement signals. The wigwag may
Have been retired by now. Need confirmation.

Further west we find Timber OR just off highway 26. Follow Timber Road south until you get to the tracks. There you will find the third wigwag on the POTB.
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Timber Road wigwag. How often do you see a wigwag with a ladder? This one has a Union Switch and Signal case, and is set up just like a target signal. Again, notice the X on the banner. Not sure why they chose to do that on this branch.
For a detail map of Timber, click here...

Map shows Banks in relation to Portland
Timber is a little further west of Banks.

All photos by CamronSettlemier (11/1/99

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Final update11/2010