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Banks Road new banner
Banks Road wigwag has new banner...

The following images were sent in by Camron Settlemier on
2/12/00. It looks like the Port of Tillamook Bay
Signal Department scratch-built a new banner for this signal.
They even went so far as to retain the red "X" style
cross that seems to be unique to the wigwags of this area.

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Rear view. Original flex pipe was retained.
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Close up of new banner. It looks like an LED light is being used instead of the original light housing. Rather hi-tech for a wigwag!
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Front view. Banner straps were fabricated for this as well. 

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McMinnville, Reedsport
Hugo, Tolo (Goldray Dam), Yoncalla
Willamette Shore Trolley
Ashland, Medford, Round Prairie
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Port Of Tillamook Bay

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