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Route Signs and Crossing Markers

Route Signs and Crossing Markers

Crossing Markers

I got this off of the Kagnew Station page and can't find who it was from. The cross bucks at the top of the post mean the same as they do in the states.  There is a railroad crossing to the right.

The above images came from a book titled Guida dell'Automobile.  This was one of a series of little red white and blue guides to mechanics and electronics that inspired many Italian engineers my age including Renato Gaudio.  I have retained a picture of its cover, but sent the book on to Dave Engstrom for entertainment purposes.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Pry.
This picture shows a railway crossing near downtown Asmara.  To the right is a beautiful art deco fountain. I am certain that we are looking at where the photographer of the picture above was standing next.   I do not see the tracks in the pavement.  The cross-bucks are missing from the left.  Perhaps this portion of the line was removed before I arrived.

Ralph R. Reinhold©1961
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