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Welcom to Ethiopia (Ethiopian Travel Office) 1960s

"Welcome to Ethiopia"
Exerpts from a travel book published by the Ethiopian Tourist Organization (ETO) in the 1960s.

This is from the Asmara section of Dave Engstrom's 1960 something "Welcome to Ethiopia," published by the ETO:

There are trains and Littorinas (modern one car trains) connecting Asmara to Massawa in the east and Keren and Agordat in the west. The Littorinas are more comfortable and faster than the trains, and run twice daily (8 a.m. and 2 p.m.) between Asmara and Massawa. The price for the trip from Asmara to Massawa is $3, and the journey takes four hours.

There is also a Littorina service to Keren and Agordat on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, returning on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. The time to Keren is three hours, to Agordat, five. Asmara to Keren costs $1.35 and to Agordat $2.50.

This is from the Massawa section of the same book:

There is a twice-daily littorina to Asmara at 7:00 a.m. and 1: p.m. Tickets are purchased on the train, and the fare to Asmara is $3. The littorina service always begins and ends at the small station on the Island of Massawa.

Though there is a train that runs to Asmara, it has only second-class accommodations, is slow and not recommended. This train also connects with Keren and Agordat. The main railway staion in Massawa is on the Island of Taulud.

The Agordat section of the book has this to say about the train:

Agordat is at present the terminus of the railway. At one time the train track continued past Agordat, but during the war the British lifted the track and shipped it to Libya to repair the Italian railroads there.

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