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Houston Tinplate Operators Society - Lionel, Trains, Layouts: Club Location & Driving Directions
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Location and Driving Instructions

HTOS Storefront Memorial City Mall is located at the southeast corner of Interstate 10 (Katy Freeway) and Gessner Rd. The HTOS club space is located inside the mall (suite 617) in the hallway adjacent to Target.
The club currently displays and operates four model train layouts (three O-gauge and one S-gauge). We also have a hands-on wooden train display for the kids' enjoyment.


Mall map

To assist in planning your driving route or check on traffic conditions, click the following link for the
Houston Real-Time Traffic Map


Mall map Directions in the Mall:
The HTOS space (Suite 617) is located in the mall hallway adjacent to Target. Click the map at left for a larger view of the mall map.
Weekly operating hours:
Tuesday, 7 PM to 9 PM; Saturday, 1 PM to 5 PM (except when club is attending train show)
Parking at the Mall: Parking (surface and garage) is available in a number of locations surrounding the mall. The closest parking area relative to HTOS is located on the west side of Target (Gessner RD side). Other "close-by" parking areas are on the east side of Target (between Target and Macy's) and the north side of Target (south of I-10). Traffic volume at Memorial City Mall is large, especially on weekend afternoons. Please have patience when looking for a parking spot during these times. Remember to lock your car and hide valuables before heading for the trains.
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Mall map