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Excerpted from Volume 1 of the STB filings

ICRRCN/IC Proposed Operations

Excerpted from Volume 1 of the STB filings, these are the proposed freight trains to be operated as a result of the CN/IC merger.  (Only trains that operate on Illinois Central routes are listed.)

Type Train ID Origin Destination Operates Notes
I/M I-42 Chicago, IL (MIT) Toronto, ON (BIT) Mo-Sa  
I/M I-43 Montreal, PQ (Monterm) Chicago, IL (MIT) Mo-Sa via Toronto/BIT
I/M I-44 Montreal, PQ (Monterm) Dallas, TX Mo-Sa KCS operates Jackson-Dallas
I/M I-45 Dallas, TX Montreal, PQ (Monterm) Mo-Sa KCS operates Dallas-Jackson
I/M I-76 Winnipeg, MB Chicago, IL (MIT) Daily  
I/M I-77 Chicago, IL (MIT) Winnipeg, MB Daily  
Auto A-01 Toronto, ON (Mac Yd) Memphis, TN Mo-Sa Combines with I-45 at Memphis
Auto A-02 Memphis, TN Battle Creek, MI Mo-Sa  
Auto A-03 Flint, MI Council Bluffs, IA Mo-Sa Replaces I-11, to UP at Omaha
Auto A-05 Toronto, ON (Mac Yd) Kansas City, KS Mo-Fr to GWWR at Springfield
Auto A-06 Kansas City, MO Oshawa, ON Mo-Fr from GWWR at Springfield
Mdse CHTO Chicago, IL (Markham Yd) Toronto, ON (Mac Yd) Mo-Sa  
Mdse QCCH Quebec City, PQ (Joffre Yd) Chicago, IL (Markham Yd) Mo-Sa  
Mdse SHTO Shreveport, LA Toronto, ON Daily KCS operates Jackson-Shreveport
Mdse TOSH Toronto, ON Shreveport, LA Daily KCS operates Shreveport-Jackson
Unit CBFRC Council Bluffs, IA Toledo, OH As needed Detroit Edison Coal loads
Unit FRCBC Toledo, OH Council Bluffs, IA As needed Detroit Edision Coal Empties
Unit B386 Saskatoon, SK Chicago, IL (Markham Yd) As needed Potash Loads
Unit B390 Saskatoon, SK Champaign, IL As needed Potash Loads for points south
Unit B391 Champaign, IL Saskatoon, SK As needed Potash Empties

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