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Midwest Steel & Indiana Central Model Railroad Page

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Model Railroading

A new layout is under construction and the new track plan is materializing.
Room expansion - adding new space. Check it out!
Construction & Layout pictures. Checkout the photos from Summer / Fall 2004.
Old layout track plan and pictures. Checkout photos.
Animated Train Gifs. Buildings and rolling stock.

Other Model Railroads

Thanks to Craig Gardner for getting me started with my website. Click on the picture to visit his site.
Thanks to Charlie Comstock for letting me use his web pages as a template for mine. Check out his website.

Other Stuff

Aquarium page. Checkout the construction photos.
Sears Tractor page.
Here is my 1972 Impala Convertible.
(And 2005 Mustang GT)

Full Size Railroading

Some Indianapolis area railroading.
GM Electromotive Division.
GE Locomotives.
Indiana Transportation Museum.
Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society (Home of NKP 765)

Other Railroad and Miscellaneous Links

Thanks to Jim Wells for helping me with the creation of the Indiana Central and Midwest Steel logos. Check out his amazing Fantasonics site - click on the Model Railroad Magic logo below...

click here to visit

NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites

  Southern Pacific fan? Click here to visit Tunnel 13

Internet Train Club

Fun site where you can see "howstuffworks".

Don't forget to visit Elvis Presley's Graceland...


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