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BigBoy #4005 Picture Archive in 1.6" Scale Live Steam Page 2

BigBoy #4005 Picture Archive
In 1.6" Scale Live Steam
Page 2

This is perhaps the most detailed and stunningly beautiful locomotive in 1.6" Scale ever created, Tom Miller's BigBoy X4005. The engine, built by Tom Miller in conjunction with Severn Lamb Locomotive Works in England is magnificent. Every detail on the prototype is perfectly modeled on this locomotive. Furthermore it runs just as the prototype did in the 1940s. Tom's private layout features a long, 2 1/2% grade. This locomotive, pulling 40 freight cars sounds identical to the real thing. It takes your breath away.

click any of the small pictures to view the large picture

A shot of the cab roof

A closeup shot of the cab's interior. Everything fully functional

A quartering view of the locomotive

Here is Tom Miller, the owner and builder. From this photo, you can really see the size of the locomotive

Waiting at the station for orders, you can see the 40 car freight train hooked to X4005

A good view of the articulation

The train traversing Tom Miller's trestle

Exiting the tunnel

Here is the locomotive working his way up the long 2 1/2% grade, pulling that 40 or so freight cars with little or no trouble at all. You should hear the sound the engine makes, unbelievable

Another shot of BigBoy 4005 heading upgrade

After stopping mid-grade for a crew change, the locomotive, cylinder cocks open, simply walks away with the 40 car freight train up the 2 1/2% grade without loosing his footing


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