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Big Boy 4017

BigBoy #4017 Picture Archive

BigBoy 4017

BigBoy #4017 currently lives in Green Bay at the Wisconsin National Railroad Museum. He is in excellent condition. Here, you are permitted to get up close and personal with the engine. There is full access to the beautifully rebuilt cab and backhead and the engine as a whole, you can climb all over him if you want! Even though he is publicly accessible, he is in excellent condition.

click any of the small pictures to view the large picture

4017 side

A wide Angle shot of BigBoy 4017

4017 angled

An angled shot

4017 front

A front shot

4017 cab

I took this shot from the engineer's seat in 4017, this is what he actually saw from the cab

4017 engineer's backhead

The engineer's backhead

4017 center backhead

Center Backhead on the 4017

4017 fireman's backhead

The fireman's backhead

4017 outside firebox

Outside the firebox door

4017 inside firebox

Inside the firebox!! This firebox is 22' long!


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