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Big Boy 4012

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BigBoy 4012

Presently, BigBoy #4012 resides at the SteamTown National Historical Site in Scranton PA. Non-working, #4012 makes up a very nice static display adjacent to the parking lot at the museum. It is worth the trip out to SteamTown (I make 2 annual pilgrimages a year, a 4 hour drive!) if only to see the immense size of the engine. Aside from #4012, SteamTown offers it's visitors a beautifully refurbished RoundHouse and Backshop complex, a 2 hour train ride and the chance to see a steam loco moving around the engine facilities (they always having something moving around, weather permitting). For more information, click here.

click any of the small pictures to view the large picture

4012 numbers

A shot of the numbers on the side of the cab

4012 wide angle

A wide angled shot of the engine

4012 front

A closeup shot of the front end

4012 straight

A shot along the length of the engine

4012 angled

A front shot of the entire engine, very nice

4012 side

A distant shot of the right side of the engine

4012 and me

Me standing in front of 4012, you can really see how big he is here

4012 and Joe

Joe Barcia standing in front of BigBoy 4012

4012 fireman

A shot from the fireman's side of the cab

4012 backhead center

A shot of the fireman's side of the backhead

(taken through plexiglass, sorry about the poor quality)

4012 backhead engineer

A shot of the engineer's side of the backhead

(taken through plexiglass, sorry about the poor quality)


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