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David Fletch's Prototypical Models Page 1

David Fletcher's Prototypical Models
Page 1

A good friend of mine, David Fletcher, regularly sends me photos of his projects. He has skills many others only dream of having. The locomotives he constructs from scratch are some of the finest pieces of equipment I have ever seen. A master of kitbashing as well, he can turn a stock engine into something looking so different, you'd never realize what it was to begin with. If you have any questions for David, E-Mail me at and I'll make sure they get to him quickly. I hope you enjoy his work.....

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A bashed / scratch made South Park Mason Bogie running by the Rio Grande Down Under 'Cliffs of Hermosa' Loco uses the wheels and drive from a Lionel 0-6-0T loco, the rods and superstructure are scratch made, with detail parts from precision scale and Accucraft. The front half of the cab is the Lionel cab re-used.

The South Park Mason Bogie, loco#22 "Crested Butte" of 1879.

The Mason is fully articulated and can negotiate tight curves.

A Bashed/Scratch made NG 8-18-C Baldwin 4-4-0. The model uses the wheels from a Bachmann 2-4-2 in a scratch made chassis. The wagon top boiler and cab top are taken from a AMT 'General' Kit, all the rest is made from styrene and PVC pipe. The domes are fabricated from PVC tubes with Taylor's buttons on top.

A view of the 8-18-C 4-4-0, model is D&RG #26 "Rio Bravo" of 1878.

A closeup view of the 4-4-0's drive gear.

The 4-4-0 negotiating 'Crazy Horse' bridge on the Rio Grande Down Under.

A substantially modified Delton C-16, bashed to accurately represent D&RGW #268 between 1949 and 1955, the model was completely stripped and rebuilt with all new details, piping and modified tender.

A rear shot of D&RGW #268.

Side shot of D&RGW #268.

Quartering view of D&RGW #268


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