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David Fletch's Prototypical Models Page 2

David Fletcher's Prototypical Models
Page 2

More of David Fletcher's photos of his beautifully crafted locomotives and of his layout. If you have any questions for David, E-Mail me at and I'll make sure they get to him quickly. I hope you enjoy his work.....

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An old favorite, South Park,1884 Cooke Mogul as made by LGB in 1988.

An other substantially rebuilt Delton C-16, bashed to reflect D&RGW #278 from the late 1930s. The loco was completely stripped and rebuilt with all new details and piping and a scratch made tender. The loco is seen crossing the 'Fleischer' truss bridge. This old bridge was made by my Father in 1972. The bridge is made from hardwood and was built for use with my first 'O' scale trains...the bridge was not a real success, it was too large and too heavy for a 5 year old it spent 30 years in the cupboard. In 1999, the cupboard was emptied out...and there was the bridge in perfect condition...still way too large for 'O' scale, but a great looking 'G' was turned upside down and built into the Garden RR Rio Grande Down Under.

C-16 #278 seen negotiating 'Phantom Curve' on the Rio Grande Down Under.

C-16 #278 takes on water at Tank Creek, the loco is the aforementioned Delton bash, Dad's ol' bridge and the water tower is scratch made.

The train continues on through Phantom Curve on the Rio Grand Down Under garden RR.

The latest addition to the Rio Grande Down Under is this 10ft long, 3ft high scratch made trestle, based on D&RG design. The bridge is made from Hardwood (Tasmanian Oak) soaked in protective decking oil.

The C-16 pushed up grade past the red cliffs of Hermosa.

Another view of the rebuilt Delton C-16 into D&RGW #278.

A detailed view of D&RGW #278's side

D&RGW #278

Quartering view of D&RGW #278

The following 3 photos show a simple kitbash of Aristocraft's new C-16 2-8-0. The chassis has been modified to enable the superstructure to be lowered to the correct height. Added details include new pipework and a new paint job. The loco is painted to represent a Class 56 2-8-0 from the Denver & Rio Grande of 1878. The Class 56 locomotives were the smaller and lighter precursors to the more notable Class 60 (C-16) locos.


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