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David Fletch's Prototypical Models Page 5

David Fletcher's Prototypical Models
Page 5

More of David Fletcher's photos of his beautifully crafted locomotives. If you have any questions for David, E-Mail me at and I'll make sure they get to him quickly. I hope you enjoy his work.....

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Modernized 4-4-0
This is a stock D&RG Bachmann in 1:20.3 scale, a 1876 4-4-0 that has been brought into the 1920s, showing several alterations over the years, including extended smokebox, with coal cinder hatches, straight capped stack, rounded domes, and modern steel pilot. These changes represent post 1900 alterations to an 1870s loco. In the 1920s, further alterations included the addition of the oil tank on the tender when converted to oil firing. Air brakes and cylinders have also been added to the drive wheels. On 1870s locos, brakes were generally only fitted to the tender!

The bash includes a pilot and steam dome from a Bachmann 2-4-2 and 4-6-0. The sand dome and stack are from Hartland trains. All other parts are scratch built, including the oil tank and brake system.

The Bachmann 2-8-0 to K-27 bash
This bash used the stock Bachmann 1:20.3 scale 2-8-0 and turned it into a K-27 styled 2-8-2 loco at 1:22.5 scale. By changing scales, the model's 36" wheels become 40", that of the K-27, most other major dimensions also became appropriate to the K-27. A 1:22.5 scale, smaller cab was fitted on an extended chassis, and a new rear truck was scratch built. The pilot was altered by cutting it back 1/4" and adding a new steel pilot, and steps. The tender is a modified Bachmann 4-6-0 tender at 1:22.5 scale. This was only a simple bash for a friend demonstrating the possibility of a K-27 bash. I plan to do another that will not only match the prototype proportion, but will also have the correct Walschaerts valve gear. Precision scale Co. offers most of the K-27 valve gear castings, useful for such a conversion.


The Rio Grandefiled Bachmann 2-8-0
This model represents one of many similar bashes I've done for friends; that of turning the squat Mexican 2-8-0 prototype into something the D&RGW might have run in the 1920s and 30s. Changes include rearranging the domes and bell, moving the headlight up to the smokebox top and fitting a number board to the smokebox front (where the head light used to be). Also filling the holes in the smokebox front, and fitting a step and hand rail to the front per D&RGW standards. Coal boards were added to the tender and a large air tank. This particular model was lettered for RGS.


The CP Huntington
This little 4-2-4T loco is a narrow gauge version of the classic 1863 Danforth Cooke 4-2-4T, now preserved at the California State RR Museum. This model is almost exclusively built using unaltered Hartland parts and was built as a 'what if' model for my friend and hero, Phil Jensen at Hartland trains. Only the chassis and wagon top boiler were scratch built, using Hartland's new Modular gearbox, all other components were from Hartland. The model is now lettered 'Sir Phil Jensen' in honor of the person most influential to my modeling style and scale. The model now resides with Phil.


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