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Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad
Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad
    "All aboard!"  Welcome to The Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad website.  Every person who visits this site gets a free Electronic Rail Pass.  The pass is good for one e-trip from Los Angeles to Chicago aboard the Southwest Chief.  The scenic route starts in San Bernardino, snakes up Lone Wolf Canyon to Wolf Mountain.  From the summit it skates across the high desert to Sand Mountain and down to Barstow.  Your pass is at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy the Scenic Tour.  Long time viewers, please check out What's New.

Santa Fe C44-9W
An East bound Athearn C44-9W locomotive and it's helpers wait
at the summit for the pushers at the end of the train to uncouple.

    The L.W.S.F. is a HO scale 1:87 working railroad transportation system which was built with walk around operation in mind.  It has a schedule, train orders, car cards and waybills which guide you as you walk your train along the layout, up Lone Wolf Canyon and over Wolf Mountain. 
    But there is another side to model railroading other than operation, the artistic side.  This includes scenery, lighting, and sound design.  At The Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad we believe that model railroading is an art form and like to create scenes on the layout.  After all, "All the world is a stage."  Along with the detailed locomotives and weathered freight cars, there are hundreds of people and animals, cars, trucks, motor cycles and bicycles.  They all play a role in bringing life to this miniature world.
Santa Fe GP38
Locomotive Roster

Box cars of lumber from the Pacific Northwest
Rolling Stock

The Southwest Chief
 Passenger Service

Track Plan
Track plan

The layout at a glance 
 Name   Lone Wolf and Santa Fe
 Scale  HO 1:87
 Prototype Type   Santa Fe / BNSF 
 Location  California 
 Period  1980's - 2000's
 Layout Style   Walk Around 
 Rail Height  56" to 66"
 Track  Code 100 flex. #4 and #6 turnouts with hand thrown switches
 Minimum Radius   22" Main Line  18" Branch to Orange Groves
 Maximum Grade  Ruling grade: 4 percent (the last little climb on the east bound approach)
Average grade: 2 percent
 Control System CMI Super Blue Walk Around Throttles 
Atlas cab selector with blocks 
 Benchwork  Cookie cutter tabletop on open grid
 Scenery Base  Cardboard skeleton covered with plaster soaked paper towels 
 Landscape  "Lifelike" Earth sprinkled on wet latex paint
 "Woodland Scenic" ground foam and trees 
 Backdrop  Hand painted mountain ranges on sky blue walls, 
 Blue and white lights on white walls
 Lighting  Incandescent track lighting with colored bulbs on separate dimmers
 Sound  City Sounds Ambient Background CD's at several different locations
 Locomotives  Athearn, Atlas, Walthers,
 Rolling Stock  Accurail, Athearn, McKean, MDC Roundhouse, Roco, Tyco, Walthers,
 Passenger Service  Amtrak's Southwest Chief, Southern California's Metrolink
 Operation  Car Card system, scenic staging yard 
 Influences  David Barrow's  Cat Mountain & Santa Fe 
 W. Allen McClelland's Virginian & Ohio
 Eric Brooman's Utah Belt


    What year is the railroad set in?  Most model railroaders can tell you a year or even a month or a day which they recreate.  The Lone Wolf and Santa Fe is set in the modern day, however we are just a little bit stuck in the 80's and 90's if you know what I mean.  (You can still find F45's in front of a lash and SD40-2's in the Kodachrome livery.) 
    The time of year changes depending on the location.  Seasons change along the route with the elevation.  It's summer in the desert and winter in the mountains and somewhere in-between all along the way. 
    Some scenes represent holidays, including The Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas. 


Animal Control
Cats 11
Dogs 11
Cattle 8
Chicken 1
Elephant 1
Horses 22
Lions 1
Pigs 6
Sheep 26
Total 87


Bears 1
Cougars 2
Coyotes 1
Deer 4
Fish 4
Frogs 3
Mtn.Goats 4
Opossum 2
Rabbits 2
Rattle Snakes. 2
Sasquatch 1
Sharks 2
Total 28
Butterflies 2
Tarantulas 2
Total 4
Population: 564
(actual figures on layout as of 12/28/2006)
Department of Motor Vehicles
Ever since The California Highway Patrol arrived on the layout, strict vehicular code enforcement has been applied. There are numerous motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes and they all must meet a certain standard.


    Meet Hobo Joe!  He is a colorful character who rides the rails for free.  He is not a bum, he is a railroad enthusiast and likes to travel in style.  He loves the simple things in life, like eating a meal cooked over an open fire and sleeping under the stars each night while he sees the country. 


    This is your free electronic rail pass!  Please right click and save the image, enter your name and date using your paint program.    Place the pass on your website as a site you have visited and link back to us at
Click on the Arrow pointing east to begin the scenic tour. Click East-> on each page to get a grand tour of the railroad as it heads east up over Wolf Mountain.
LWSF Electronic Rail Pass
Take the Scenic Tour.  Visit areas of the layout from West to East. They include industries and holiday scenes.
Along the Line - Scenic Route - LWSF RR
Start the Scenic Tour 
by heading 
East ->>>


Sports Pub and West Side Intermodal Yard
West Side
4th of July Pool Party
North End
House on Halloween
Ice Skating on Lone Wolf Mountain
Wolf Mountain

Sand Mountain
Safeway Distribution Center
High Desert
sooner or later


Super Chief east

Lone Wolf and Santa Fe Railroad

Front Office - LWSF RR
Rolling Stock
Passenger Service
Track Plan


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