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Along the line: McCloud Sawmill

McCloud: Sawmill

This is a portion of the old McCloud River Lumber mill most recently operated by California Cedar Products.

Photo shows some of the old sawmill complex in McCloud, which was largely abandoned by the time this photo was taken.  Most of the buildings located here were demolished by the early 1990’s.  Photo taken 1986 and is by and courtesy of Drew Toner.

Almost the same view as the above photo, but much earlier. Travis Berryman collection.

The front of the sawmill complex looking over the log pond. Photo from a 1932 yearbook published by the lumber company.

(Picture Mill-1) This is an early photo of the McCloud sawmill.  Note the narrow gauge tracks in the foreground…an extensive narrow gauge in-plant railroad was used to shuttle lumber around the complex through the various stages of production.  The in-plant railroad lasted until 1970.  A roster of the small diesels used on the railroad can be found on the Locomotive Roster Page.

The following links are to historic photographs of McCloud from the Eastman Photo Collection in the Special Collections Department of the University of California Davis Library; used with permission. [PLEASE NOTE: Each link opens in the same browser window as this page. To return here, use your browser's BACK BUTTON. Another note: If you are using a 'current' browser, you can enlarge the photo by moving your mouse cursor over the photo. An icon will appear lower right; click it to enlarge or shrink.

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