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McCloud Rails Equipment Roster

McCloud Rails
Equipment Roster

McCloud boxcars on the track scale in the summer of 2006. Jeff Moore photograph.

The information in this section has been compiled from equipment registers, authorizations for expenditures, inventories, and other corporate paperwork generated by the McCloud companies currently contained in the collection of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc; the 1917 Valuation of the McCloud River Railroad ordered by the Interstate Commerce Commission, also in the Heritage Junction Museum collection; numerous volumes of the National Railway Equipment Register; equipment recordations filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission; personal observations; and other documents.

This page is now broken down into sections, with each class of equipment given its own home page.


Passenger Equipment

Company Freight Equipment- Cars used to carry mostly intraline freight
Interchange Freight Equipment- Cars used for off-line freight movements
Work Equipment- Cars and Equipment used for Maintenance-of-Way Chores