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NORM Museum Progress Photo Archive - Pre-2008
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NORM Museum Progress Photo Archive - Pre-2008

Volunteers continue to do a great job in building the Museum at Chippewa Lake. The Car Barn itself is completed. Work continues in earnest with the trackage. The main area of concentration is the wye that is branching off of the mainline into the car barn area. The goal is to get as many car into the car barn as possible. All this work takes time as well as money. Please consider in joining the Museum and lending a volunteer hand. 

This section is divided into sub-pages:

  • Car Barn
  • Right-of-Way
  • Maintenance Building
  • Car Barn

    The Anson W. Bennett is starting to house our collection. Work continues on track connections.

    View of the carbarn from the CO caboose (11/01)

    Another front view (11/01)

    Ralph Pfingsten laying ballast inside the barn. (11/01)

    View looking out from the rear of the barn (11/01)

    This is a view of the back of the carbarn with several hundred tons of new cinders/ ballast spread for the storage trackage. (6/01 J. Kostelnik)

    A view of Barn and CTS 161 (S. Heister, summer 2000) 

    A View of the front of the  Carbarn (S. Heister, summer 2000)

    Car barn interior (S. Heister)

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    Right-of-Way construction is an ongoing and very important process for our museum so that we might be able to operate our cars! 

    Walt Stoner setting spikes (11/01)

    The whole crew is setting spikes (11/01)

    This looks like a view from a "prosperity special " crossing the plains of Ohio - but you are actually looking at several cars stored on the south side of Buffham Rd., as seen from across the farm fields ( note the deer tracks in the foreground ) as seen from Ryan Rd on 1 - 2 - 01

    Here is LSE 42 and LSE 181 together again, along the northerly side of the barn as the barn lead track work progresses towards them (J. Kostelnik) (Summer 2000)

    Our track mobile and four wheel crane car are ready for service. The flat car between them is used for building the railroad as well as giving rides to the workers (S. Heister)

    View of the carbarn with operating switch. Switch throw is one obtained from RTA Windermere yard. It was rebuilt by Walt Stoner (S. Heister)

    This is a view across the barn lead looking toward Buffham Road. CSX is operating a train loaded with coil steel and coke towards Seville. Just ahead of the first engine are several of NORM's stored cars on the South side of the road. (J. Kostelnik)

    Looking easterly across the stored rail at the new siding lead as it extends towards the side of the barn. (J. Kostelnik)

    Here is a view of the track work in front of the barn. The switches shown will lead to the storage track down the left side of the barn, and the three barn leads. Also under construction ( off to the right ) is the last switch to the track that will run down the right side of the barn. Car 31 is further down on the left, waiting for the track work to reach it, while car 42 is on the Right, awaiting the track to be finished next to it so it can be re-trucked.

    Now how about this view - straight out the back windows of SHRT 031 looking at the new track work heading right towards it! (J. Kostelnik)

    Here volunteers are shown working on the wye south of Buffham Road.

    This photo shows the equipment stored south of the Buffman road crossing. The CSX trackage is visible to the left.

    First rail being laid at the Museum in 1979! That is C&LE # 105 in the background.

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    Maintenance Building

    This is the Rowen Prunkard Maintenance building. It was built 2000-2001.

    View of the building from 11/01

    Here is a view of the new track laid in the new maint. building. (6/01 J. Kostelnik)

    New Maintenance Building being erected 9/15/00. (J. Kostelnik)

    This is the site of the future maintenance building. The trusses have been delivered and the site is staked off. A SHRT PCC rests in the background. (J. Kostelnik, summer 2000)

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    Car Restoration

    The museum is working to restore our collection either cosmetically or to actual running condition. This takes time, money and a lot of hard work! 

    Shop trucks being removed in preparation of SHRT 11 truck swap.

    Scrapping of fire -damaged SHRT 11 continues as SHRT 31 looks on - salvaged trucks and parts to be used to restore SHRT 31, which is currently sitting on shop trucks.

    The restoration of PRR outside braced boxcar nears completion. (2002)

    CRC/RTA Buda and visitors' flatcar out on the mainline during NORM open house 2002. LSE 464 freight trailer body and Chicago L 4000 series trailer also visible. The Chicago L trailer is in the process of being cleaned out and sealed for winter.

    John Svec is servicing a small lathe. (11/01)

    John Svec is servicing a drill press. (11/01)

    Ralph is painting our PRR boxcar. (11/01)

    This is the arch bar truck for the interurban freight trailer. (11/01)

    Cleveland crane 0711 on the property. (11/01)

    Mark Adamcik seen on the crane. (11/01)

    Our skidloader moves a set of wheels (S. Heister)

    Dave Anderson scrapes paint on a Pennsylvania Railroad X-23 boxcar. Next he will start priming it. (S. Heister)

    Our skidloader is used to pole a set of Rapid Transit Car trucks around (S. Heister)

    The next two frames show the equipment being moved around the barn on the new storage tracks - track one holds the two ex-CTS/ex-TTC Shaker PCC cars (jk 11/00)

    This photo shows one of the PCCs from a reverse angle to the last shot, while the trackmobile moves the ex-CEI flatcar around the loop track (jk 11/00).

    This one shows the PRR boxcar being sandblasted and primed (the interior is already repainted ) (jk 11/00)

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    Storage Yard Expansion

    Storage yard expansion was started in 2002, and now with the donation of a collection of equipment from Grand Rapids OHIO, the yard will also see the construction of a 2nd 9 or 10 car, 3 track carbarn !

    A crew of four roll the new culvert towards its final resting place. The creek had to be diverted before the storage yard could be extended.

    Ralph and Chuck cover the pipe with gravel and fill. Site of future carbarn immediately behind them...

    A volunteer levels the site after the pipe has been covered with dirt.

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