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Canadian Pacific Electric Lines

Grand River Railway
Lake Erie & Northern Railway

LE&N 209 with men posing. Port Dover c.1918. Preston Car 12/1915

Note: Renumbered 797 in 1922. Retired and preserved 1955 in USA.
Repatriated to Canada 7/1999 preserved at Halton County Radial Ry/OERHA.

GRR 862 length 64 feet seats 68 built Preston Car & Coach 1921
Galt Old Time Trains Archives

Combine GRR 626 at Preston shop. 11/06/1949 Julian Bernard

GRR 842 handling express at Brantford on the way to Port Dover (sign in window) 4/29/1950 Julian Bernard

LE&N 955 Berner-Maguire/Joseph Testagrose Collection

GRR 622 express car at Brantford. Berner-Maguire/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Unidentified two car train southbound on LE&N bridge over the NYC mainline Waterford.
Track in foreground is LE&N interchange connection which climbs a very steep grade to left.
Track in right background is TH&B mainline from Brantford.


Subsequent owner

LE&N 797 combine length 58' 6" seats 18 Built Preston C&C 12/1915
Donated 8/1955 by CPR to Syracuse Chapter NRHS located at Rail City Museum, Sandy Pond
(private railroad museum of Dr. Stanley Groman) Sandy Creek, NY.
Relocated 8/1967 Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, Maine.
Acquired 7/1999 by OERHA/Halton County Radial Ry.

Note: This is the only CPEL piece of equipment preserved except for GRR locomotive 230 iin Cornwall as 17 and
LE&N M-6 1934 Ford truck line car at Halton County Radial Ry.



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