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Timetable No.90 May 24, 1929 Old Time Trains Archives

Although it says "18 ships in regular service" on the cover of this sixteen page brochure four are actually in Pacific service. These were the Empresses of Asia, Canada, France and Russia with the Japan announced for 1930. On the Atlantic were the Empresses of Australia, Canada and Scotland; the Duchesses of Athol, Bedford, Richmond and York; the Montcalm, Montclare, Montrose, and Montroyal (the first Empress of Britain); and former Beaver Line ships Melita, Metagama, and Minnedosa.

First Class one way fares were $212.50 to $250.00 between Canada and England on an Empress ship; Cabin Class on a Duchess was $157.50 and Third Class $87.50.

During this season a company record was set when 127 Atlantic voyages were made by these fourteen ships.

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