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C.P.R. Transfer Co.

Stables of C.P.R. Transfer Company at Banff Springs Hotel. Boorne and May

In 1893 the CPR contracted with Colonel James Walker, Calgary; Major John Stewart, Ottawa; and W.L.Mathews, Manager of the Bannf Springs Hotel, who established the C.P.R. Transfer Company to provide transportation for guests to and from the railway station about one and a half miles apart. In addition to a closed omnibus and baggage wagon they also provided two and three seater buggies and democrats for sightseeing. The latter seating four adults plus the driver and was pulled by a team of horses.

In 1897 the CPR bought out the owners and operated the business themselves. This became a bother and a new manager contracted it out in 1905 to Bill and Jim Brewster who had just the year prior became the CPR's official outfitters and guides at Banff Springs as W&J Brewster a business that went on to become the largest private sightseeing business, Brewster Transport Company. (link)

Brewster was given exclusive rights to solicit business at the CPR Banff station. They also took over similar services at all of the mountain hotels, the last, Glacier House in 1915 by which time they had 80 tally-hos, coaches, carriages and wagons and 146 head of driving horses. They later went on to use touring cars and buses and continued to grow and expand into related fields such as vacation tours.

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