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Beatty Brothers

Fergus, Ontario

All photographs; Wellington County Museum and Archives unless otherwise credited.

Wringer washer from the 1950's.

Beatty Brothers Limited was founded in 1874 and was for many decades the largest factory and employer in Fergus, Ontario where they made various appliances and other items including household washing machines.

Aerial view of extensive plant circa 1950.

Beatty Bros. parking lot. Note bus for those not yet owning a car!
Note too station in background and box cars waiting.

This family business knew how to promote itself and over many years the CPR cooperated with this valuable customer by working together to run special trains from Fergus boasting about the huge volume of products
they made and shipped great distances.

Doubleheaded Ten-Wheelers (inc. 488) power the 1925 special Beatty train.

547 and 540 with two trains side-by-side likely doubleheaded leaving May 3, 1930.

Two views of 547 with Special train August 31, 1931.

Sign and cutout boosting the latest home washing machines.

Beatty family posing in front of 1017 part of the Diamond Jubilee train September 1, 1934.

D10 1049 with the Diamond Jubilee Train near plant marking 60 years.

1049 doubleheading as train is ready to move from plant to station below.
Note sign refers to "Over 40 carloads".

870 leads here and this sign says "44 carloads" yet same date September 1, 1936!

Newer G5 class engine heads the Special and a bigger than ever crowd watches. 1956.



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