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by R.L.Kennedy

In 1949 the CPR proposed to build a new yard to replace the long-over crowded Lambton and West Toronto Yards. One location chosen was north of Toronto near Kleinburg, on the MacTier Subdivision near where Vaughan Intermodal Yard was eventually built. Another choice was east of Toronto at Wexford on the Oshawa Subdivision not far from where Toronto Yard was finally built in Agincourt.

Additional Service tracks North Toronto Subdivision
Service track between Leaside and Wexford

Another proposal to improve operations was for the addition of 4.41 miles of service tracks between West Toronto and Leaside. It was primarily intended for use if a new yard were to be built at Wexford but would have benefited operations in any event. The cost was another $906,000. Additionally a new service track for 4.72 miles along the Oshawa Subdivision between Leaside (M.103.12) and Agincourt (M.98.4) was proposed in connection with the new yard at Wexford. It included an interlocking tower near Wexford and ABS (Automatic Block Signals) at a total cost of $2,443,000. It included $703,000 for a 895' viaduct over the Don River (M.101.01) and another $633,200 for a 810' viaduct at M.102.69 over the Don River West Branch.

NOTE: West Toronto to Agincourt was double track with a south service track West Toronto to North Toronto. The north service track between Dovercourt and Leaside was for the exclusive use of the CNR.

Belt Lines around Toronto

Orrs Lake grade By-pass

Savings by reducing or eliminating Helper Grades West Toronto-Bolton; Leaside-Agincourt and Lambton-Orrs Lake.

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