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Trip ticket book

Part two

Assist to Bolton engine 221? Extra ???? freight

Light engine 2391 from John Street to Leaside and return. Likely a test run to prove repairs results prior to dispatching engine on passenger train. Assisted 955 from Parkdale to Bolton. Light engine back to assist Number 34 from Union Station to Leaside. Light eng. to Lambton. Undetermined when power changed to 2804. 1 hour extra pay account off duty at Lambton.

Engine 2804 Assist Number 34 (passenger to Ottawa) to Leaside and light engine to Lambton

Light engine 2855 John Street to Parkdale, assist 955 engine 2325 to Bolton.
Light engine back and assist No.34 to Leaside.

Engine 3725 Galt Turn freight. Pickup rates claimed due to amount of switching.
Guelph Junction 4 switches taking 30 minutes. Galt, 15 switches in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Guelph Jct. on return another 4 switches and 30 minutes. Streetsville 10 minutes.
Total time on duty 12 hours and 5 minutes.

Engine 3708 on a regular freight assignment Lambton to Havelock.

Return trip on Havelock job.

Engine 2405 assisting 915 (second class freight London/Windsor) Lambton to Orrs Lake.
Notation "In line up at 5:45 A.M." indicates a delay getting to shop track to go off duty. Claimed 1 hour final terminal delay. NOTE: If push engine was actually 2405, a stoker-equipped road engine, this would have been very unusual. Assuming it was not 2205, then 2405 may have actually been the road power. Another explanation could be a trial trip to prove repair work done on 2405 before dispatching on longer run.

Engine 2234 on the MacTier pick up with lots of pickups, setoffs and switches taking 14 hours and 45 minutes!

Return trip as 82 with a little less work taking "only" 11 hours and 20 minutes on duty.

Engine 2405 assist 901 (second class freight to London/Windsor)
Lambton to Orrs Lake and light engine returning.


Engine 2224 assist Extra West 5302 Lambton to Orrs Lake. Taking engine via Guelph Junction to West Monkton on the Goderich Sub. and back to Guelph Jct. No idea why this happened but it resulted in plenty of miles for pay.


NOTE: September 16th. Hostling at John Street 3 to 11 PM. No trip ticket required for shop work.

Extra 2234 North regular way freight Lambton to Mac Tier.


Engine 2234 on 82 the regular Mac Tier Way Freight.


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