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Food Places

Many places used retired railway equipment, mostly cabooses although some larger eating establishments also had
passenger and freight cars. Including Leaside Village Station Restaurant, Ossawippi Express Dining Cars,
Mc.Donalds' and others shown in the INDEX.

All photographs: Don Mc.Queen unless otherwise credited.


British Columbia

PGE (unknown number) sits next to Kids Market, Granville Island. 1496 Cartright Street, Vsncouver.
Looks like home made wide steps have been added one end for ease of use.
Woofles & Meowz (since closed) was selling treats for cats and dogs.
It reopened in 2016 as The Granville Island Pet Treatery selling natural food.

Note: After many years unused in street trackage through here is being removed.
Once an industrial area it has been changed to other purposes for tourists and locals.


Restored as GT 90076 a 17th District assigned van that would have been used locally.
It is ex CN 77194 and was apparently intended to be a summer time ice cream stand.
Not known if this van was ever actually used. If you know CONTACT US.

Once billing itself as "Downtown Maples Corners, a Family Restaurant" it was almost the only place there!

Highway 28 Maple's Corners, Lakefield. 8/25/1994.

CN 77247 (ex GTR 90214) Paul Weber's Fast Food Stand,
8844 Highway 11 S. 5 miles north of Orillia. 7/26/1994

Founded in July 11, 1963 by Paul Weber, Sr. it was taken over by his son Paul Weber Jr. in June 1989.

At the time there was a coach and 6 box cars also located here. More were added as it grew and expanded over the years having become a famous "burger joint" with a good reputation. Selling 8,000 hamburgers on a typical Friday! It became known in 1981 for its private pedestrian bridge (ex CN Tower) over the busy separated Highway 11 from their parking lot
on west side. It was sold on March 1, 2004 to Tom Rennie and continues to operate as Webers.

CN 78747 Red Caboose Drive In, Rainey River. 7/1974 Stafford Swain/Don McQueen collection.
That young blonde-haired boy in the fancy pants looking at the camera is likely about to retire soon!

CN 78881 is now The Loose Caboose a fast food place now open 365 days a year.
35 Marlborough Street North, Cornwall, ON. 7/21/2014 John Mayell

CN 79025 at Country Mill Market, Front St. behind the Mill at 1441 King St.N. St.Jacobs. August 5, 1986.

Note: Two box cars sitting nearby at the Village Silos are used as gift shops.

CN 79150 Stanley's Caboose at PSTR station Port Stanley; part of PSTR roster. .
3/25/1993 Stafford Swain/Don Mc.Queen collection.

DTI 153 body only (acq.1997) one of the few ex US road cars in Canada. Belleville 6/10/2014
Located on Towncentre Dr. near (and owned by) Quinte Entertainment Centre, (Quinte Bowl, Quinte Bingo).
17 Roy Blvd. (west side of Hwy.62 north of Hwy. 401). It was an ice cream and chip booth;
by 2012 Papa Johns Pizza and now sits unused next to an abandoned mini-golf.


Subway restaurant 761 Kipawa Road, Temiscaming. OTT collection.
VIA 757 acq. 8/1995 (ex VIA/CN 757/3003/5513) CC&F 1953
CN 79327 acq. 1994 H-S 6/1967

New Brunswick

CN (unknown number) acq. 11/2009 ex McDonalds, Saint John, NB
Smoking Pig BBQ 515 Hampton Rd. (Hwy 100) Quispamsis. September 2014

Note the building-type roof added.

LLL Takeout
Owner Leonard Leckey

6293 NB-105 highway


CN 79688 (no trucks) kitchen and takeout. Acq. 2012 private Fredericton. CN-PSC 2/1974
Two photos 7/17/2017

CN 79229 acq. 7/2017 (formerly at Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick, Sussex. 1992) H-S 6/1967


CN 78264 The Caboose located at the world famous Magnetic Hill tourist attraction.
Moncton, NB 7/23/1987

Nova Scotia

Devco 21 acq. 1994 . Udder Delight Ice Cream Caboose Highway 105 five miles west of North Sydney, Cape Breton.




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