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CNR Rolling Stock

CN 5046 nicely restored suburban coach for tourist train operation by Naugatuck RR
(Railroad Museum of New England). CC&F 1923 Thomaston, CT 6/25/2017
Note; RMofNE collection previously located at Valley RR prior to 1996.

CN 504409 spotted at Keatley, SK elevator also 1158 4-6-0 and other equipment.
Western Development Museum North Battleford, SK 11/28/2017

CN 72956 (Built 2/1921 Eastern Car Co.) spotted at the Home Grain elevator operated 1920-1972 at Bellis, AB.
Relocated 1980 to Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village 30 miles east of Edmonton on Highway 16 and
2 miles east of Elk Island National Park. Bellis is about 50 miles northeast of its preserved location.
5/23/2015 Paul Crocombe

CNoR 3rd class station Bellis, Alberta, built 1928. Rear view. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

130891 is not really "rolling stock" however, these hi-rail cranes have largely replaced Auxiliary wreck cranes.
4/13/2014 Taschereau Diesel Shop, Montreal.


GTR Equipment



Baker heater instructions
(not CNR issue)

Passenger cars, especially business cars were equipped with this type of heater for use when not connected to a trainline or coach yard steam.

Business Cars
Rule cars etc.
Not inc. work service


Passenger modern




School on Wheels

US subsidiaries



Service work




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