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Memories of the old K&P
Once the Kingston and Pembroke Railway

by Robert Curry

All photographs the author's collection.

My Grandfather William Curry and I at age three on the front of steam engine 452 at Kingston.

Check out the size of the oil feeder!

445 arriving in Kingston. writing on the back says grandfather is engineer.

Grandfather ran from Smith Falls to Kingston for years. My mother said I was really trying her memory as she is 84. I said I had pictures of a train wreck. She said you mean the one where your grandfather side swiped the box car? Not knowing what she was talking about I inquired about more detail. Anyway it turns out he had the train going a bit too fast as he came around a curve near Kingston, train cars leaned over clipping a box car on a siding tearing it open and throwing contents all over the place. Story goes grandfather took quit a razzing for some time to come as the boxcar was full of Kotex. Guess it made quite
a mess. Mother thinks grandfather started working for CPR around 1915 as a waterboy and retired in 1960, passing away in 1963. I don't remember much about the early days as I was only 13 when grandfather passed away. Grandfather, I believe worked in the Trenton yard when he retired and was the last one to operate steam there. My father worked in the yard in Trenton for a number of years as well before they closed the yard there. Sure wish I had taken pictures of the old Trenton
yard before it was gone.

This photo comes courtesy of Jim Copp and depicts Canadian Pacific Railway crew members (trains 612-613) and Sharbot Lake personnel December 18, 1953. Shown here (left to right) are R. Watt, L. Miller, C. Tysick, E. Lemmon, J. Pearson,
J. Keates, D. Campbell, Wes Bell, J. Brown, S. Whan, J.B. Copp, E. Walker, W. Curry, H. Cubbitt, D. Nichols,
G.D. Pogue (assistant superintendent). Smiths Falls Record News September 9, 1998

Grandfather (4th. from right wearing gloves)

Grandfather's Roll Of Honor scroll dated November 1960.

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