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Chicago St Paul Minneapolis and Omaha in Donald WI


Donald Wisconsin

As the Omaha Railroad Line ventured East from Arnold, it meet upon another little town called Donald. The Omaha at this point would have still been on the South side of M. Donald is at the location of the Omaha and Soo line interchange. This stretch of Soo line tracks ran from Owen to Ladysmith and beyond to Lake Superior. There is not much left of Donald, but had the Omaha remained, it could have grown very large. Generally interchanges created labor requirements due to produce transactions coming from Green Bay or Milwaukee Chicago area. In the early 1900's, a new depot was built in Ladysmith just a few miles North of Donald. When that happened, the old wood framed depot that originally serviced Ladysmith in the 1800's was moved to Donald. It no longer stands near the tracks as it once did.

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     Below is Donald as it is today. and old building from the late 1800's, the Soo Line crossing, and an old General Store converted into a home.

Old Barn

General Store

Old building on North side of County Trunk M. Omaha rails ran on the opposite side of the road. House on South side of M. Judging by the windows in the front, can be recognized as a General Store at some time in the past. The rails would have ran 100+ yards behind the building .


Soo Line Crossing

A view of M as it crosses the Soo Line rails facing East. Just a couple of hundred yards to the right of the road should have been where the Omaha rails crossed the Soo line.

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Thanks, Doug Stoll