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Can YOU help us please? 

When trying to arrange events at any location PLEG always tries to go through the normal contact channels. However, sometimes this achieves nothing. PLEG has often e-mailed/written/telephoned locations without success, i.e. they say that the person that we need to speak to isn't there and they will get back in touch with us - they never do. Or they just don't respond. I would think that in the majority of cases where we fail, our correspondence, for whatever reason, just does not get to the person that we need it to. 

Therefore listed below are the locations that we would currently like to speak to about staging an event. If you know of a contact etc that would enable us to progress things, that would be extremely helpful. Even if it is just to be told no, we can then stop wasting their time and ours. 

Please do NOT give us personal numbers / e-mail addresses etc UNTIL you have checked with them that it is OK for PLEG to make contact. PLEG will NEVER pass on the details you give us to any third parties. PLEG ALWAYS operates to its values (please see guidelines page), and we can provide references from railways that have previously held one of our events should they be required. 


Places where we would like to make contact are: 

The SEVERN VALLEY RAILWAY Diesel Shunter Fleet.



If you can Help! please e-mail the future events coordinator 

Many thanks and kind regards,