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I am pleased to announce that PLEG in association with Phill T [TheGenPage] and Tim Farmer [] have launched PresGen.

PresGen will be run along similar lines to the existing, popular email group Rail-Gen. The aim of PresGen is to share information on diesel workings on preserved lines, and critically, to allow those 'in the know' and 'on the front line' to send their gen to a wide audience. We have all experienced the frustrations of telephoning a preserved railway to get the gen, only to be put through to Auntie Ethel in the tea shop, quoting about some kettle. The key point being, the diesel gang somewhere out and about on the railway probably have the solid gen, but have no means to pass it on to a wide audience - Well they have now! 

Please visit the Presgen homepage for full details.

Many thanks,

Ian Loveday,

PLEG Leader.