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P L E G - Preserved Locomotive Enthusiasts Group
 Preserved Locomotive Enthusiasts Group
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PLEG membership

These pages include all members who joined on, or before, Tuesday, May 22nd '07

Membership of PLEG is free. All we ask is that you send us an e-mail stating that you wish to become a member of the group (Don't worry, your e-mail address will NOT be passed on to anyone else.). In return you will receive priority booking for any future events, and you will also be supplied with the necessary passwords to access all the site as our intention is to limit some areas of this site to members only, i.e. the Gen Sheet, etc.

P. S. 

We would also like to put your name on our members page.

Please state clearly in your e-mail if you do NOT wish this to happen.

Note: New memberships may take up to two weeks to be processed.