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S&DJR Signal Register Part 1
S&DJR Crest Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway
Signal Register (Part 1)
S&DJR Crest
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###  This Page is Under Construction  ###

This is Part 1 of the Signal Register for the former Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (S&DJR). It covers the northern part of the S&DJR Main Line from Bath Junction to Evercreech Junction. Please see the separate Introduction page for general information about the content and structure of this Register. There is also a Key to Codes for the Register and an alphabetical Index to Locations.

Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Signal Register (Part 1)






Main Line North (Bath Single Line Junction - Evercreech Junction South)

Down Distant       No further details are available yet for this location
Down Home      
Up Home      
Up Distant      
MIDFORD [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1   SR+UQ Replaced 22-Mar-42 (SI 389)
Down Home 2   L+LQ+SA SA (XA) provided 11-June-29 as repeater for 5PULL (SI 293)
Down Starting 3 W+LQ+SA W+UQ SA abolished 15-Apr-13 (SI 237).
Replaced 11-Sep-60 as T+LQ (WR style)
Down Advanced Starting 4 W+LQ T+LQ(WR) Replaced 11-Sep-60
'Wrong-Road' 5PULL L+LQ   XA
Up Starting 13   L+UQ Replaced 22-Mar-42 (SI 389)
Up Inner Home 14 W+LQ RB, L+LQ Replaced by 1922.
Up Outer Home 15 W+LQ+SA L+UQ+SA Replaced 25-July-48, SA removed 28-Feb-60
Up Distant 16   SR+UQ Replaced 25-July-48
WELLOW [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 3   ?SD+LQ  
Up Home 4   RB, L+LQ Replaced 17-Feb-1907 (SI 189)
Up Starting 5 +SA L+UQ SA abolished 17-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Up Advanced Starting 6   ?L+UQ Renewed 17-Mar-1942 (SI 389)
Down Advanced Starting 15   L+LQ  
Down Starting 16 +SA SD+LQ SA abolished 17-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Down Home 17   SD+LQ  
Down Distant 18   SD+LQ  
WRITHLINGTON [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1     LD on Radstock East Up Starting
Up Home 2      
Up Starting 3   L+LQ  
Down Starting 17 LQ   DA for Radstock East Down Distant,  Radstock West Down Outer Distant
Down Home 18      
Down Distant 19   L+LQ  
RADSTOCK EAST [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1     Slot on Radstock West Up Distant, added 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Up Home 2 # LQ 5/1929 L+UQ #SA pre-?, Slot on Radstock West Up Advanced Starting
Up Starting 3   L+LQ DA for Writhlington Up Distant, S&D-type finial
Down Starting 15   LB, RHS, LQ+SA Slot on Radstock West Down Home
Down Home 16 LQ+DA+SA# L+UQ #DA for Radstock West Down Inner Distant removed 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237), SA removed by 1930, signal renewed and relocated 9-Feb-47
Down Distant 17   LQ 7/1962 LD on Writhlington Down Starting, slotted by Radstock West Down (Outer) Distant
RADSTOCK WEST (1908 replacement box) [Key]   [Index]
Down Outer Distant 1     LD on Writhlington Down Starting, slotted by Radstock East Down Distant
Down Inner Distant 2     LD on Radstock East Down Home, removed 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Down Home 3   RHS,LB,LQ+SA Slot on Radstock East Down Starting
Down Starting 4 LQ SD+UQ  
Down Advanced Starting 5   SD?+UQ  
Clandown Up Home 26   SD+LQ 2W with  Colliery GF Down Home
Clandown Up Distant 27      
Up Advanced Starting 28   L+UQ Slot as Radstock East Up Home
Up Starting 29   L+LQ+CA+SA UQ post-1928, DA for Radstock East Up Inner Distant removed 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Up Home 30   UQ 5/1961 DA for Radstock East Up Outer Distant removed 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Up Distant 31   L+UQ Slot for Radstock East Up Distant added 24/25-Apr-13 (SI 237)
Colliery GF (Clandown Branch) [Key]   [Index]
Up Home        
Down Home     SD+LQ 2W with Radstock West 26
Down Distant 1   SR+UQ Renewed 18-Mar-1945
Down Home 2   L+UQ SB for about lower 3/4 of post
Down Starting 3   L+UQ  
Down Advanced Starting 4 RHS, SR+LQ
Up Advanced Starting 13   SR+UQ  
Up Starting 14 W+LQ SD+LQ Later L+LQ, then L+UQ from 15-Apr-1951
Up Home 15   L+UQ SP added Jan 1952
Up Distant 16   ?+UQ  
CHILCOMPTON [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1     Renewed 25-Mar-45
Down Home 2   ?+UQ  
Down Starting 3   SR+UQ  
Down Advanced Starting 4   SR?+UQ  
Up Starting 11   L+LQ UQ post-6/53
Up Home 12   L+LQ UQ post-6/53
Up Distant 13   L+LQ+AS?  
MOOREWOOD [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1   L+LQ  
Up Home 2   L+LQ?  
Up Starting 3   L+LQ  
Down Starting 17   L+LQ+SP   
Down Home 18   L+LQ  
Down Distant 19   SR+UQ  
Old Down Siding GF [Key]   [Index]
Up Home 4      
Up Distant 5      
BINEGAR [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1   SR+UQ  
Down Home 2   SR+LQ UQ post-7/1957
Down Starting 3   L+UQ  
Down Advanced Starting 4   L+UQ Renewed 5-July-48?
Up Advanced Starting 21      
Up Starting 22   SR+UQ  
Up Home 23   SD  
Up Distant 24   SD+LQ  
MASBURY [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1   ?+LQ Signal replaced and relocated 11-Aug-1931 (SI 315). Replaced again by T+LQ (WR style) late-1960/early-1961.
Down Home 2   RHS, L+LQ+CA Signal renewed 13-Aug-1931 (SI 315).
Down Starting 3 ?+SA L+LQ+AS SA abolished 9-Dec-12 (SI 234). Signal replaced 23-Sep-1928 (SI 287).
Down Advanced Starting 4   RHS, ?L+LQ+AS Signal replaced and relocated to RHS 23-Sep-1928 (SI 287). Signal abolished 24-Sep-1959 (WN P/EW35).
Up Starting 18   L+UQ Renewed 5-July-1942 (SR records)
Up Home 19 ?W+LQ SR+UQ Replaced 29-June-1952 (Weekly Notice)
Up Distant 20   SR+UQ Possibly renewed 10-Dec-1939 (SR records)?
WINSOR HILL [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1     Renewed 4-Jan-1939
Up Home 2 ?W+LQ   6F
Down Home 15 LQ   RHS, DA for Downside Siding GF Down Distant 1900-40
Down Distant 16     Renewed and relocated 5-Jan-1939
Downside Siding GF [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 5 LQ   LD on Winsor Hill Down Home
Down Home 4      
WATERLOO ROAD  (1946/7 temporary box) [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant FD     LD on Shepton Mallet Up Advanced Starting
Up Home 1      
Down Home 6      
Down Distant FD     LD on Winsor Hill Down Home
SHEPTON MALLET [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1 # SR+UQ #RHS, replaced by LHS 11-Mar-1951
Up Home 2   L+UQ  
Up Starting 3 LQ # L+UQ #SA pre-?
Up Advanced Starting 4   UQ  
Down Advanced Starting 23   SR+UQ  
Down Starting 24 # SD+UQ #SA pre-?
Down Home 25   SD+LQ SR+UQ by 1955
Down Distant 26      
EVERCREECH NEW  (1920 replacement box) [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1      
Up Home 2   SD+LQ  
Up Starting 3   SD+LQ  
Down Starting 18   SD+LQ  
Down Home 19   SD?+LQ  
Down Distant 20      
Down Main Distant 1     Slot as EJ South Down Distant
Down Main Home 2   RHS, L+UQ Renewed 4-Jan-1942
(2R)   SR+BR Repeater provided 4-Jan-1942
Down Branch Distant (3)   SD+LQ Slot as EJ South Down Distant, later FD
Down Branch Home 4   RHS, L+LQ+CA  
Up Branch Advanced Starting 20   C+LQ+A  
Shunt signal 21   LB, SD+LQ XA
Down Main Starting 22$   L+UQ+SA  
Down Branch Starting 22$   L+UQ+SA  
Up Branch Starting 24   SD+UQ  
Up Main Starting 25   SD+UQ  
Up Main Home 26PULL   J  
Up Branch Home 26PUSH   J, SA  
Up Main Distant 27     Slot on EJ South Up Distant
Down Main Distant 3     Slot on EJ North Down Main Distant
Down Branch Distant     Slot on EJ North Down Branch Distant, later FD
Down Home 4   L+UQ SA originally, SP?
Down Starting 5   UQ+CA# #lower arm later on a separate RB
Down Advanced Starting 6   LQ DA for Lamyatt Crossing Down Distant added 23-Sep-1958, possibly changed to UQ at that time.
Up Starting 20   L+LQ UQ by 1960
Up Home 21   SD+LQ UQ post-1953, by 5/1959
Up Distant 22   L+LQ  

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