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S&DJR Signal Register Part 3
S&DJR Crest Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway
Signal Register (Part 3)
S&DJR Crest
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This is Part 3 of the Signal Register for the former Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (S&DJR). It covers the S&DJR Branches to Highbridge and Burnham, Bridgwater and Wells. Please see the separate Introduction page for general information about the content and structure of this Register. There is also a Key to Codes for the Register and an alphabetical Index to Locations.

Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Signal Register (Part 3)
Bridgwater Branch Highbridge Branch Wells Branch






Highbridge Branch

Elbow Corner Crossing [Key]   [Index]
Up Home 1 W+LQ SR+UQ 2W in original form. Signals renewed 6-Dec-1942.
Down Home 2 SR+UQ
PYLLE [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1     Abolished 15-Apr-1956
Down Home 2     Abolished 15-Apr-1956
Down Starting 3     Abolished 8-Dec-1929
Up Advanced Starting 14     Abolished 4-May-1912
Up Starting 15     Abolished 8-Dec-1929
Up Home 16     Abolished 15-Apr-1956
Up Distant 17     Abolished 15-Apr-1956
Cockmill Crossing [Key]   [Index]
Down Home 1      
Up Home 3      
Stean Bow Crossing [Key]   [Index]
Down Home 1 W+LQ   2W in original form
Up Home    
WEST PENNARD [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1      
Down Home 2      
Down Starting 3   SD+LQ  
Up Advanced Starting 20 L+LQ+AS   Added 24-Nov-1929
Up Starting 21   SD+LQ Later RG
Up Home 22   L+LQ  
Up Distant 23      
GLASTONBURY [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant A   W+UQ  
Down Home 1   L+UQ Renewed 15-Apr-1945
Down Starting 3 W+LQ L+LQ CA, SA
Down Loop Starting 4 W+LQ SD+LQ LB
Down Loop to Main Starting 5 W+LQ SD+LQ LB
Up Branch Home 23     RHS
Up Branch Distant FD     RHS
Up Advanced Starting 24   C+LQ  
Up Starting 25   L+LQ RB
Up Home 26   L+LQ SA
Up Distant FD   L  
Ashcott [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1   LQ RHS
Down Home 2   SD+LQ RHS
Down Starting 3     Abolished by 1904
Up Starting 8     Abolished April 1954
Up Home 9   SD+LQ  
Up Distant 10   SD+LQ  
SHAPWICK [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1      
Up Home 2   L+LQ  
Up Starting 3   SD+LQ  
Down Outer Starting 12PULL     Abolished 28-May-1912
Down Inner Starting 12PUSH   L+LQ Renumbered 12 on 28-May-1912
Down Home 13   L+LQ  
Down Distant 14      
NOTE: numbering is for the replacement lever-frame installed about 1910-15
Down Distant 1   SD  
Down Home 2      
Down Branch Distant 3      
Down Branch Home 4      
Down Starting 5PULL   SD+LQ SA
Up Main Starting 31   SD+LQ J
Up Home 32   L+LQ  
Up Distant 33   SD+LQ  
Bay to Main Starting 34   SD+LQ J
Main to Branch Starting 36   SD+LQ J
Bay to Branch Starting 37   SD+LQ J
Huntspill Crossing [Key]   [Index]
Down Home #     #Signals worked directly from gates
Up Home    
Bason Bridge [Key]   [Index]

NOTE: Station GF - no running signals exclusively controlled by the Sidings GF

Up Distant 3     Slotted by Sidings GF until 1938
Up Home 4 L?+LQ SR+UQ Slotted by Sidings GF until 1938
Down Home 5   L+LQ SB
Down Distant 6   L+LQ SB, RHS
Up Distant 1   SD+LQ Later FD
Up Home 2   L+LQ  
Down Main Starting 16PULL   L+LQ J
No 1 Starting 17PULL   L+LQ J
No 2 Starting 18PULL   SD+LQ  
Down Advanced Starting 21   SD+LQ Added in 1896
Down Starting 24   SD+LQ  
Down Distant 25     Later FD
HIGHBRIDGE 'A' [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1      
Up Main Home 2 L+LQ    
Up Goods Home 3 L+LQ    
Down Home 11      
Down Distant 12      
HIGHBRIDGE 'B' [Key]   [Index]
Down Distant 1   L+LQ 2W, later FD
Down Home 2   L+LQ 2W
Down Starting 3   L+LQ RJ, CA, DA, later SR+UQ
(Lower arm removed 7-July-46?)
Up Main Home 9 L+LQ SR+UQ J
Up Goods Home 10 L+LQ SR+UQ J
Up Distant 11      
HIGHBRIDGE 'C' [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 4   L+LQ 2W
Up Home 5     Later LJ, SR+UQ
Up Starting 6   L+LQ 2W, abolished by 1952
Down Home 18   L+LQ 2W, DA, SA, later UQ
Down Distant 19   L+LQ Later FD
BURNHAM [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant FD   SD+LQ  
Up Home 2     J
Down Starting 4   LQ  
Down Loop Starting #   SD+LQ # 4PUSH in GF, RHS
Up Loop Home #     # 4PULL in GF, J

Wells Branch

Polsham [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant 1      
Up Home 2   LQ Moved to RHS 1933
Down Home 6      
Down Distant 7      
WELLS 'A' [Key]   [Index]

Old lever-frame layout

To Glastonbury Outer Distant 1      
To Glastonbury Inner Distant 2      
From East Somerset Home 3      
To Glastonbury Starting 4     J, LG
To Glastonbury Advanced Starting 5      
To Tucker Street Outer Distant 6     LD
To Tucker Street Inner Distant 7     LD
To Tucker Street Starting 8     J, DA
From Tucker Street Home 27     DA
From Tucker Street Distant 28     LD
From Glastonbury Home 29     DA
From Glastonbury Distant 30      

New 1949 lever-frame layout

From Glastonbury Down Distant FD   L+LQ  
From Glastonbury Down Home 2   UQ? DA
From Tucker Street Down Home 15#   UQ #15 when box open,16 to close
To Tucker Street Up Inner Home 25   LQ J, DA
To Glastonbury Up Starting 26      
To Glastonbury Up Inner Home 27   LQ J, LG
Up Outer Home 28 Release lever for signals at Wells East Somerset box

Bridgwater Branch

Cossington [Key]   [Index]
NOTE: All main running signals were abolished by 1933, probably in the early 1900s
Up Distant 1      
Up Home 2     RHS, 2W with Down Starting
Up Starting 3 PULL      
Down Starting 8     2W with Up Home
Down Home 9      
Down Distant 10      
BRIDGWATER  (replacement box about 1910) [Key]   [Index]
Up Distant FD      
Up Home 4   L+LQ  
Down Advanced Starting 13   SD+LQ  
Down Starting 14   L+LQ 6F

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