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Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy

Canadian Railway Telegraph Genealogy
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Railway Senority Flip Booklets
These are Official Railway Senority Booklets I have scanned and worked out an XML object coding ... Flash MacroMedia is NOT needed, however, you may be required to upgrade your browser.

Names in these booklets are NOT listed on the A to L or M to Z webpages.

  • CPR Ontario-Quebec Senority 1965 System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1970 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1971 Ontario-Quebec System Division No.7
  • CNR Senority 1944 Atlantic/Central/GTW
  • CPR Senority 1938 Quebec Division No.7
  • CPR Senority 1950 Manitoba Division No.7
  • ***NEW 07 Nov 2019 *** CPR Senority 1948 Ontario District
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